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Posted Jul 9th, 2013 in General, Fitness, Wellness

Don't miss it!

Last year at this time I was just a girl with a dream. I didn’t know the first thing about running a business. I’m a nurse. What the heck do I know about business anyway? 

And there it is; that negative self-talk. 

This past year in business has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I have met some amazing people. My husband and I have both lost about twenty to thirty pounds and my participants continue to share with me their daily stories of inches lost, strength gained, and stress melting away; but what if I never took that leap of faith to begin? What if I let that negative self-talk scare me into thinking I wasn’t good enough? What if I just went back to teaching classes at a gym? That would be easier. One year ago I started Lisa P’s Quick Fitness. I began anyway.

I recently filmed a three minute promo video, but finding out I was pregnant a month before the shoot put huge doubts in my mind. My husband and I were over the moon excited to be pregnant, but the day of the shoot, putting on my quick fitness shirt, bloated like a water balloon and looking in the mirror, I can remember saying to my husband, “Honey, people are going to think I ate too much poutine, not that I’m pregnant, as I haven’t popped yet. How is that going to look?” We shot the video anyway.

When I started this business I thought. Well, I don’t look the part. I am not ripped like Jillian Michaels. 

I enjoy good food and alcoholic beverages on the weekends with friends. Wait, who am I kidding? I enjoyed a glass of wine after a really long, hard day at work during the week too. I’ve made some poor food choices like pizza at three in the morning while working night shift and I’ve slept in when I should have gotten up for that run. What do I have to offer people about fitness and nutrition? I created recipes anyway.

At the IDEA Fitness Conference last year in San Diego, listening to Tony Horton, the creator of the infamous P90 and P90X, I was in awe. Here is one of my fitness role models, standing right in front of me, but then he said something to the group that struck a nerve with me. He said, “If you want to be in the fitness business, you have to look the part. Nothing bugs me more than when trainers don’t practice what they preach. ” My first thought was how DARE you Tony Horton? I work on average 8-10 hour days, run a household, and manage to fit in those one hour a day Beachbody workouts as many days a week as I am able. One hour is a long time! I look like your average healthy thirty- one year old woman. Is that not good enough?

Then it hit me. Tony Horton is right. Tony Horton is the image of extreme and what the man can do at fifty -something years of age is unbelievable, but I’m not selling something extreme. 

I wanted to design an effective and fun program that the average everyday multi-tasking man and woman who work long hours, run households, take care of kids or parents, and who ultimately put ourselves last can fit into their everyday life. Something they would look forward to coming to, four days a week. I also wanted to pass on healthy recipes and healthy substitutes for food that still tastes good for the foodies in all of us! I wanted something sustainable and life- long. What did I have to offer people about fitness and nutrition? A lot, and I created the program anyway.

The transformation within me, my husband, and my participants over this past six months to a year has been amazing. This is the strongest and best I’ve felt in years, and my participants, everyone from seasoned athletes to beginners say the same. I read the testimonials on the website and listen to all the positive chatter in class and I shake my head as I think, what if I listened to that voice in my head? I look back at the promo video and I LOVE every second of it! I look at my Quick 10 workouts and although my pregnant belly is getting larger, I love the fact that I’m arming you with something you can do in the comfort of your home when you are short on time! I love passing on healthy recipes that can be made in less than thirty minutes a day!

It’s like that Nike saying Just Do It. I think we all get the idea or itch to do something, but then all the” buts” take over. I’d like to change that Nike saying from just do it, to just do it anyway!

“But I’m not strong enough.” Just lift that weight anyway! “But I’m not fast enough.” Go as fast as your legs will take you, just do it anyway! “But people are going to stare at me working out.” Forget about other people, you are there for you, just do it anyway!

Don’t miss it! Don’t miss taking that chance because you never know the awesomeness that may come from it. I am excited to see what this next year in business will bring, and I hope you continue to tackle your goals right alongside with me!


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