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Quick Tips: Beat this year's holiday bulge

Posted Dec 17th, 2013 in General, Fitness, Nutrition

Quick Tips: Beat this year's holiday bulge

Hello December! This joyous time of year for celebration, desserts and wine with every get together, packed weekends, and sometimes more stress than we can handle! 

Let’s face it; with the holidays approaching it is easy to kick your fitness plan to the curb. What is not easy is trying to lose the excess weight that is gained by drinking more, ditching exercise, and losing sleep.  

Statistics show that an average weight gain of five pounds is accumulated in this joyous month of December.

Last year on December 30th I celebrated my 30th birthday. It was an amazing memorable evening spent with my closest family and friends; however, as I cut my birthday cake I can remember thinking, if I eat or drink one more thing, I will explode! My very thoughtful, amazing husband also has a birthday on December 29th, which means for our family, it’s a weeklong binge starting on December 24th and ending January 1st.

As December 24th is quickly approaching, I’ve decided I will be smarter this year and plan how I am going to beat this year’s holiday bulge. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I invite you to join me in this year’s plan.

Instead of indulging in everything, let’s indulge in the food we will not eat often. 

The foods that we will not touch again until next year. For me, it will be sugar cookies and perhaps some Bailey’s in my coffee.

Let’s trim the fat this year, and I am not talking about the fat in food.

I am talking about the stress and peer pressure of friends and family saying, “ Go ahead, it’s a treat, who cares?” It is our body and our life, and we may need to politely explain our fitness goals and ask them to support us in our journey. “No thanks, I will pass on my third double chocolate, heavy cream infused mudslide with sprinkles.”

I do not know about you, but I am a “foodie” and I love to eat food with amazing taste and spice. 

So let’s eat, and eat every two to three hours. Not eating to save up our appetite for the feast only confuses our metabolism and slows down the process of digestion.

Besides enjoying quality food, I also enjoy a good beverage or two on my cheat days during the week. 

This year, let’s chase our alcohol with water. For every drink, alternate water or sparkling water in order to be mindful of calories and ensure we do not become dehydrated. Down the hatch it goes!

Lastly, it is all about setting the scene. 

Choose the smallest plate possible to ensure proper portion control. Let’s put down our forks between bites, and after we are finished, move away from the table. There is nothing worse than an empty plate staring at you in the face while your friends and family are feasting. 

If all else fails, let’s indulge in something other than food.  Some of my favorites are a spa day, a new haircut, and new shoes. In the end, we may have less money in our pocket, but at least we will be happy, healthy, and sporting a new look for the New Year! Cheers!

- Lisa P.


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