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After losing 30 lbs, Marnie decides getting fit is equally important

Posted Mar 23rd, 2014 in Testimonials

After losing 30 lbs, Marnie decides getting fit is equally important

I was lucky enough to discover Lisa P’s Quick Fitness in February of this year and I love everything about her and her classes! 

Having just lost 30 pounds through healthy eating and walking, I felt it was time to get even healthier by adding some higher intensity exercise to each day. 

I was hesitant to join fitness classes, having never been in one, but Lisa’s welcoming, happy, and upbeat personality makes her classes so much fun and I look forward to each workout. 

After a few classes on my own, I convinced my husband Mark to come too, and now we both love working out together with Lisa P., her husband Eric, and all of the great participants in her classes!

Lisa has taken the time to answer specific fitness and nutrition questions I have had, and she has motivated me to tackle some additional fitness goals that I would definitely not have tried on my own without her support and encouragement (I’ll be doing a 5K in August). 

I have also loved the Quick 10 video series of online videos that Lisa has made, so when I have to miss a workout during the week or I want a quick fitness blast on the weekend, they are easy to turn on and I still feel like I am working out with Lisa!

In the short time I have known Lisa, I have both noticed a big difference in my endurance, muscle tone, and confidence in my fitness abilities. 

Quick Fitness has helped set both Mark and I on a path of a healthier life and we love that we get to spend each week night with the friendly community of people that make up Lisa P.’s Quick Fitness!

- Marnie


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