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Teresa gets a new found shape, strength, and renewed zest for life!

Posted Mar 24th, 2014 in Testimonials

Teresa gets a new found shape, strength, and renewed zest for life!

Let me start by saying, I’m one of those people that were always trying a new diet, a new exercise routine or the latest workout video.  

I would stick to it for a while, lose weight, lose interest and gain the weight back.  

I began my journey with Lisa in February of 2013.  She is very motivating, energetic and comfortable to be with. I started to go to her classes twice a week and really enjoyed it.  That enjoyment started to evolve into a routine that I am now passionate about.  

In June, I moved up to 4 days a week and that’s when I really started to notice some incredible physical changes.

I used to complain of back pain when getting out of bed in the morning and also pain in my knees from just bending down and getting back up. These pains have pretty much subsided.  

It’s been amazing how over the following months, my flexibility had improved.  I was now able to touch my toes, (a feat I haven’t been able to perform in years!) and aside from getting stronger, my clothes were starting to fit differently, looser in the right spots.  

Over the last year, I’ve lost 12 pounds, while adding body sculpting muscle and am on my way to a newly toned me!   

My arms are more defined (my favourite part) and my body is thinning out! I love the strength I’ve gained. I used to just think about getting thinner,  now I think about getting stronger! In those first few months, my initial planks and pushups were done from a knee position, now I do them from my toes. The challenge now is striving to get my nose closer to the ground with each pushup! 

Without a doubt, I owe my success and joy of working out to Lisa.  

She gives so much encouragement and pushes you to do your best. When you think you can’t do 5 more reps or 10 more seconds, she somehow gets you to do it and you can’t help but feel proud of yourself afterwards!  

One of the best things about Lisa’s program is how quick the workouts are.  

Each class is under 30 minutes.  Every day is different, and the variety of workout routines varies daily, everything from resistance bands for the rip workout, kick boxing, yoga, cardio, tabata, and of course Lisa’s special Circ-out.  It’s so much fun and you just never know what new workout-twist Lisa’s going to come up with next.

She’s truly incredible and inspirational! 

Lastly, but not leastly, my wonderful husband has been showering me with compliments these days, on my new found shape, strength, and renewed zest for life. I guess it’s all working!

Lisa P’s Quick Fitness ‘truly is’ the best minutes of my day!!

- Teresa, age 54


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