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No Thanks! I'm Locked into the Gym.

Posted Jan 10th, 2015 in General, Fitness

No Thanks! I'm Locked into the Gym.

OK, Haters. Before you go crazy on me as I share my thoughts, I'm not saying that the gym is all bad. In college, I was a gym rat. Heck- I used to skip art class to go take my favorite kickboxing class at noon with a hunky instructor for a cheap thrill. Perhaps that's why I can't draw or paint or identify a piece of art by Picasso, but I digress.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard,

"Your program is EXACTLY what I need in my life, but the problem is, I'm locked into the gym for another 8 months..."

I'd be able to finally quit this full time nursing job and I'd be on a boat, no wait- I get seasick. I'd be on a tropical island. Better yet- I'd own my own island!

Why have a gym membership if you never use it?

Now don't get me wrong. I truly believe the gym works for three types of people.

First, are the people who body build. The people who want to gain SERIOUS muscle and need the equipment to do it. I can probably argue that the at home Body Beast Program from Beachbody can one-up the gym, but my program is meant to lean out and tone up, not build huge muscles.

Second, is the socialite. Personally these people drove me NUTS. Get off my machine and stop standing in front of the free weight rack, I'm here to WORK out. Not talk it out! Let's actually talk nutrition and goals.

Real life, let's-make-it-happen, goals!

Third, is the person who has an accountability buddy. I believe, in order to be successful at a gym, you need to go with a friend/partner/spouse or make friends with someone in class. You need to hold each other accountable to getting your butt dressed, made-up, and out the door to meet each other on time.

And go early- You need to get your spot in class with the instructor that probably doesn't know your name!


A newbie in class better not dare take YOUR spot!

You need to be committed and go five to six days a week, and you better know how to change things up to get results.

Perhaps there is even a fourth person/trait that you need to have to workout at the gym. You need to know what you are doing with all of this fancy equipment and machines in order to be effective and not get injured.

Yes, you can pay a personal trainer, but that costs a lot of money. It annoys me to no end when I see a very hunky guy in his 20's making the average Joe or Jane train like an athlete out of the gate. What is this trainer's credentials? What continuing education have they done? How do they stay current?

If you don't have the money to pay a personal trainer, are you going to push yourself HARD?

Is there a better way?

Although I'm humble by nature, I pride myself on having the credentials, attending conferences, reading articles, and doing personal development.

I work with a selective small group and tailor classes to meet their specific need. I have the ability to customize plans- nutrition, fitness, and accountability- to ensure the body never plateaus and we get RESULTS.

We bust through plateaus as they are bound to happen.

Some days we lift heavy weight, some days we do Tabata, some days we get our yoga on, some days we talk for 25 minutes, if that's what's important.

My program is personalized, effective, and in some cases, you never even need to leave the house. It's also affordable and easily accessible.

So here it is! My point.

Stop wasting your money on the inconsistencies, or the status, or the random check-ins at the gym on Facebook.

Stop using the treadmill everyday, or attending the same Zumba class.

Stop picking up the same 10lb weights you have been using for the last year!

Stop giving your money to a brick and mortar building, a chain, or someone who just NEEDS you to fill up a space in their studio, just to pay the bills.

You must want more for yourself, but only you can decide!

What the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get the same results.

I want you to train insane, (your version of insane) but not remain the same!


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