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Invest in Yourself: Why We Eat Last

Posted Jan 31st, 2015 in General, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

Invest in Yourself: Why We Eat Last

I'm not going to lie, this past week has been emotionally draining. I had the chance to catch up with an old co-worker this past week whom I haven't seen in about two years. Life was very different from when I last saw her. I could tell a piece of her was missing.

As we caught up she told me about a great loss in her life. Her younger 40 year old brother had a massive brain aneurysm last year. In a matter of about 36 hours, she had talked to him on the phone; just a regular day, and then hopped on a plane and had to bury him just one day later. 36 hours and a lifetime of grief.

Another dear co-worker of mine, who was an amazing man, and a giving soul, just passed away last week. In just one years time, he went from working full time to having a massive decline in his rare lung disease. His time ran out before he could get a lung transplant. His death rocked not only his young family, but it's impacting an entire community as I write this blog.

I'm a nurse. I'm educated. And I know better. But when things like this happen I still ask, "WHY?"

Why did this have to happen to these people? Good people. Loving people.

I just don't understand.

But maybe I'm not supposed to. If I had an answer, would it make it any easier to hear?

It's weeks like these that I start to look at my own life. Nursing is not my passion. It's not what gets me out of bed in the morning, but this role in my life truly gives me a daily dose of gratitude and perspective.

Mobility is a privilege, health is a gift and happiness is a choice, but the daily choices, actions we make either make us or break us. The daily actions and choices we make, either make or break the people around us.

It's no surprise that we we live in a buying and selling kind of world. We won't bat an eyelid on dropping money on our morning java, concert tickets, manicure and pedicures, hockey equipment, ballet lessons, and family vacations. But I can't help but wonder...

What good are material things if you aren't around to enjoy them?

What good is retirement if you never make it there alive?

How fun is a beach vacation if we hate the way we look in a bathing suit?

How nice does our manicure and pedicure look if we have a hard time bending over in public when we have to pick something up, or tie our shoelaces?

How enjoyable is our morning java when it's loaded with sugar, fat, and empty calories and it increases our risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease?

How happy will we be when we are dead before we are able to see our kids achievements?

Am I coming on too strong?

Like it or not, it's real and it's honest.

My coworkers brother and my dear coworker's situations were not fair and not preventable, but the reality is many ailments, diseases, and conditions ARE.

As parents, workers, daughters and the many roles we have in our lives, we are conditioned to put everyone's else's needs above ours. I'm guilty as charged. Some days I have eaten dinner at 9pm as I was training clients late and our son Oliver put up the good fight at bedtime. We bought the most expensive car seat to take home our little newborn from the hospital because I wanted him to be comfortable and safe.

I totally GET IT.

However, the honest reality is that we don't do a very good job of taking care of ourselves when we are living, and when we aren't well and we've passed on, it's the people that we leave behind are hurting.

I can't tell you how any people inquire about my fitness program, nutritional support, and online challenge groups, but when it comes to investing in themselves, they can't seem to justify the purchase. We live in a buying and selling world, yet we can't justify spending money on health and fitness. I don't understand that.

Maybe because fitness is my passion? Maybe because my daily dose of gratitude and perspective in nursing shows me that we CAN turn it all around?

I'm not sure, but I do know I have a passion for myself and I have a passion to help others.

I have a passion to live a long, full, healthy, rich life. Possessions don't make me happy; Being with my husband, my son, and my amazing friends and Quick Fitness clientele make me happy.

Life isn't fair, and sometimes the cards are stacked against us, but let's play the best hand we have together.


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