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Your Adversity is Your Advantage: What Sam Smith and Fitness Have in Common

Posted Feb 9th, 2015 in General, Wellness

Your Adversity is Your Advantage: What Sam Smith and Fitness Have in Common

4 Grammy awards later and Sam Smith is smiling from ear to ear.

I LOVE Sam Smith. I love what he stands for. I love his music. I loved every second when I saw him live in January at the ACC. I was so blown away. Not only is his voice raw and honest and true, and you can feel the emotion in his music, he isn't afraid to be REAL.

Upon receiving his awards, he thanked the man who broke his heart. It got him 4 Grammy awards.

Isn't success the best revenge?

He shared that he tried to fit into what society thought that he should be, and when he started to be himself, he started to make really good music.

How can you not root for someone like that?

Realness is contagious.

In a world of plastic surgery, genetically modified food, and keeping up with Pinterest trends, society has set a ridiculously high standard of perfection.

Who can keep up?

I had an epiphany the other day. As I was standing in my garage fit studio.

"How Lucky Am I?"

I get to train where I want, who I want (with some really, really amazing people who are passionate and ready to change their life), and how I want.

I get to move in ways that makes me feel good. I get to hang out with people who appreciate me.

I don't have to be anything I don't want to be.

I can simply be me. And that's enough.

For the right people. That's enough.

I don't have six pack abs. I don't train in a large studio with 60+ people in a class.


That's not success to me.

What defines your success? Are you defining your goals?

Are you letting someone else take up your head space?

Are you letting someone else dictate your happiness?

Any anger, resentment, unrealistic goals, unreal expectations; Use it as fuel. Use it to be better.

Let it drive you higher and higher.

You never know what the outcome will be.


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