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How to Tip the Scale Back in Your Favour!

Posted Apr 27th, 2015 in General, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

 How to Tip the Scale Back in Your Favour!

How many times have we heard someone say,

"Weight loss is simple. It's calories in and calories out. Just eat less."

When I hear someone say this, I want to smack them with my carrot stick!

This is probably the farthest thing from the truth. 

It's not simple understanding the effects of hormones, stress, nutrition, over-training, under-training, genes, and our body make up, especially when you've hit a plateau and you feel you are doing everything right.

 Or perhaps you've heard the unhelpful phrase,

"Don't eat anything fried, creamed, sugary, or loaded in sauce. It's that simple."

I'm pretty sure we all know that a double chocolate brownie and fish and chips aren't always the best choice, but detecting hidden sugar, saturated fats, and artificial fillers, is not so simple anymore.

The reality is that the the food packaging and marketing world is a billion dollar business and they have become very clever.

So where does that leave us?  How do we bust through a plateau? How to we get that darn scale or measuring tape to budge in our favor?

1. Adaptation is a blessing and a curse. Our bodies have an amazing way of regulating the stress and strain we put on our muscles and bones. Don't get me wrong, you can lose weight by walking around the block everyday, but it will take you a gazillion years to do it. And who wants to wait that long?

Bring some play back into your life.

Up the intensity by running up the stairs, try a new group fitness class, jack up the incline or pace on the treadmill, take your planks or squats on the move. Be different. That's why I have so many different classes in my Quick Fitness Program.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting results.

My dad recently lost about 50lbs after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. When I asked him how he did it he told me he started out walking, then walking farther and faster, and then,

"Running until everything jiggled for a bit."

Bingo. Perfect.

My next tip focuses on nutrition. When is the last time you checked in?

2. One of the first things I ask my clients when they are stuck is,

"Where's your food log?"

Annoying? YES.

Time-Consuming? MAYBE.

Effective? You better believe it!

You have to track the quality, the timing, and amount of food you are consuming in a day.

The quality is the most important thing.

Are you choosing nutrient dense food?  Lean proteins like grilled or baked chicken breast and fish, lots of fruits and vegetables and healthy whole wheat carbs?

Are their hidden fillers or additives?

Recently, I was awarded my ACE Fitness Nutrition Certificate after studying for two years. I quickly realized that I was downright lying to people when I told them they could lose weight by exercise. It wasn't with malicious intent, but a harmless innocence.

In my opinion, every fitness trainer should be talking about nutrition with their clients!

 Did you know there are 57 alternative names for sugar? Yikes!

1. Agave Nectar
2. Barley Malt
3. Beet Sugar
4. Brown Sugar
5. Buttered Syrup
6. Cane Crystals
7. Cane Juice Crystals
8. Cane Sugar
9. Caramel
10. Carob Syrup
11. Castor Sugar
12. Confectioner's Sugar
13. Corn Sweetener
14. Corn Syrup
15. Corn Syrup Solids
16. Crystalline Fructose
17. Date Sugar
18. Demerara Sugar
19. Dextran
20. Dextrose
21. Diastatic Malt
22. Diatase
23. Ethyl Maltol
24. Evaporated Cane Juice
25. Fructose
26. Fruit Juice
27. Fruit Juice Concentrates
28. Galactose
29. Glucose
30. Glucose Solids
31. Golden Sugar
32. Golden Syrup
33. Granulated Sugar
34. Grape Sugar
35. High-Fructose Corn Syrup
36. Honey
37. Icing Sugar
38. Invert Sugar
39. Lactose
40. Malt Syrup
41. Maltodextrin
42. Maltose
43. Maple Syrup
44. Molasses
45. Muscovado Sugar
46. Panocha
47. Raw Sugar
48. Refiner's Syrup
49. Rice Syrup
50. Sorbitol
51. Sorghum Syrup
52. Sucrose
53. Sugar
54. Syrup
55. Treacle
56. Turbinado Sugar
57. Yellow Sugar

Doesn't matter how you slice it. Sugar is sugar. It's addictive. It's detrimental, and it's only to be consumed in moderation.

With careful planning, analysis, and little bit of hard, sweaty work, busting through a plateau is possible!


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