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The One Thing That Almost Ruined My Amazing Marriage

Posted May 9th, 2015 in Wellness

The One Thing That Almost Ruined My Amazing Marriage

Should I write this blog; Shouldn't I write this blog? This thought bugged me all week.

Am I ready to be honest and real, and just GO THERE?

I married the most perfect man for me! I love Eric with my whole heart, and not a day goes by that I don't tell him that!

He is my biggest supporter, my biggest fan, and an amazing father and husband. He takes care of me.

He does the little things that every woman wants; Brings me coffee in the morning, opens doors, holds my hand in the car, and tells me I'm beautiful every day.

And then there are the big things.

I truly believe he is the reason why I chose to open my fitness business.

He believes in me, and not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me that.

He is also really, really good at "talking me off the ledge" and balancing out my Type A, over-achiever personality.

So why, just a month ago, in our amazing beautiful house, with our amazing beautiful son sleeping upstairs, were we in the middle of our biggest fight in our marriage to date?

I was working on some BIG fitness goals. I was getting up early AND staying up late the entire week.

I was a bit stressed, overwhelmed, and walking the fine line between burnout and complete exhaustion.

And then the accusatory (or what seemed like it to me) question, stopped me dead in my tracks:

"What EXACTLY are you doing? What's your end goal?"

Are you kidding me?

This man, who was the driver behind my success, pushing me to achieve more, believing in me, REALLY did not understand or truly know WHY I was working so hard?

He didn't.

Because I never told him.

Some pretty awful communication went back and forth and he said a few things he isn't proud of.

But the root of our problem, was that some pretty important communication NEVER happened.

I never shared with him my big goals that I recently had the guts to pursue.

Sometimes I think I get so caught up in the go, go, go of life. I forget to communicate.

I never shared why I was working so hard NOW with an end goal of not having to work so hard LATER.

A super successful, female entrepreneur in our fitness industry once said to me:

"Success isn't convenient, but the life you create afterwards, is."

This is why our accountability groups, my private online community, and the mini health and fitness challenges we run are super successful.

People have to put it out there.

We share our successes, our strengths, and our struggles, and we put it out there from the BEGINNING!

In order for a relationship to survive and grow, we have to communicate.

Dream big, set HUGE goals, and tell the people you love about it.


It matters.

PS. This EPIC argument made us stronger. We're communicating better and learning each day!


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