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How to Enjoy A Healthy Dinner Out Without Sacrificing Taste

Posted May 19th, 2015 in General, Nutrition, Wellness

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before:
  • Skip the bread.
  • Choose the salad.
  • Have only one alcoholic drink.
  • Ask for salad dressing on the side.
  • Ask for half of the dinner packed up before it’s served to you.

Does anyone REALLY do that?
So many times we are left with these classic, “How to eat healthy while dining out tips” that I can’t help but wonder where’s the FUN in that?
Since having our son, date nights have become few and far between for my husband and I; therefore, when we can get a sitter and go out to ENJOY, that’s exactly what I want to do!
I’ve been steadily losing weight, almost 80lbs now to be exact, and I haven’t once sacrificed flavor, fun, or the experience when we’ve dined out.  

Lisa Pezik - Down 80 lbs!

I haven’t rolled my way to the car, or entertained the thought of a second dinner because I wasn’t fed enough.  
What’s my secret?
I’m going to leave you with ONE tip that makes a HUGE impact.
Be selective in the restaurant you choose.
Take this local hot spot for example: The Aberdeen Tavern
  1. Look at the restaurant’s website and social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).  Did they put time and energy into their marketing? What’s the atmosphere saying to you? Is it a loud, stressful, hurried experience, or does it say to you, “Come sit, and stay awhile?” With the dimmed lights, rich furniture, and friendly service, you can truly sit and enjoy every last bite at the Aberdeen Tavern.  

    Aberdeen Tavern

    I also noticed they weren’t shy about posting pictures of the kitchen. Any restaurant that let’s you see behind the scenes is a winner in my open book policy!

    Behind the kitchen
  2.  Look at how many items are on the menu. I worry when I see 50 dinner options to choose from at other spots. The Aberdeen Tavern has 10 or so amazing dishes. Take the Lake Erie Pickerel described as forked potato, olive, artichoke, sweet pickled shallot, red pepper & bacon puree.

    Also the Salmon or Tuna Nicoise (which I’ve had and it’s delicious!) described as green beans, roasted peppers, nicoise olives, fingerling potatoes, tomato, egg, blonde frisee, and red wine vinaigrette.

    Tuna Nicoise

    There’s no question what’s in that dish. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor or experience when you know the restaurant uses local, farm fresh food that’s prepared FRESH daily.

    I promise you dense, nutrient rich food, that’s properly portioned, will leave you nourished. Our eyes are ALWAYS bigger than our stomach.
  3. When you do my online program you can get a killer workout in 25 minutes or less. I’d rather be investing an hour getting ready to go out on the town and choosing my dinner selection than driving and getting settled at the gym. 

    Online Program
Our time, money, and energy are precious. Do your research and spend it wisely!


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