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How To Be Motivated

Posted Jun 18th, 2015 in Wellness

How To Be Motivated

"I wish I had your energy," is a common phrase that is thrown my way almost daily.

"How do you stay so motivated?"

Well, I will tell you that there once was a time when I wasn't motivated.

I was just existing.

I was clocking in for my nursing job that I wasn't crazy about, pulling 12 hour night shifts, dating men that were terrible for me, and going out and partying with my girlfriends at the bar just like every other single 20 something girl does, right?

Who says 20-something girls need to be working like a crazy person, out partying, trying to survive in this thing we call REAL LIFE?

I didn't really know any other way. It wasn't that I didn't WANT more. I wanted a family. I wanted to be married. I wanted to go to a job I loved.

I wanted to be EXCITED about life.

Sports and Fitness were about the only thing that made me happy, but you can't make a living in fitness, right?

3 years ago I took the leap, followed my passion, and I've never looked back. I have an amazing husband and an awesome year and a half old son.

I love owning my own business and coaching/educating people in all things health and fitness. I have a "job" I love in fitness, and for right now I still have to work as an RN, but I have a pretty good gig as a day time nurse educator.

The difference between the two decades in my life is that is my 20's I was distracted.

In my 30's I'm FOCUSED.

Many people feel they lack motivation to leave their crappy job, to lose 10lbs, to leave their abusive spouse, or to lower their cholesterol, but it really has nothing to do with motivation. It has everything to do with FOCUS.

How can you even begin to change your situation, if you aren't willing to first and foremost believe you were meant for better, and secondly, you aren't willing to WORK for something better?

Changing your life is HARD WORK, but what does that mean to you?

When you start to WRITE down and PLAN out what it is you really want, and you start to plan out what you need to do to get there, your most impossible dreams start to seem possible.

I started my business with an idea, a dream, and a passion to help people. How the heck I was going to make a difference and be profitable was a mystery.

My business started out renting gym spaces and teaching small group fitness classes while barely breaking even in business.

It's now morphed into a full fledged profitable company with private training, small group training, a studio, online classes, coaching, nutritional consulting, and online Senior Fitness.

I had no idea how to be an "entrepreneur." I was just a nurse who loved fitness and had a passion to help people. So I had to read. I had to ask people. I had to educate myself.

And then I had to GO AND DO. 

I had to get focused and start taking some action. I had to not be afraid of failing or looking like an idiot!

But really; what is there to be afraid of?

Fear is just poor management of the mind.

Fear is poor planning.

When you believe change is possible and you aren't afraid to fight for it, you get excited! When you start writing out goals and fail your way forward, you're still moving forward. That's progress. That's better than being stuck in a situation you hate.

The key to being motivated is to be focused.

To not give your precious time and energy and money to people and things who don't move you forward.

To knowing that you aren't "stuck" in any situation or place that you don't want to be.

Motivation and drive is a choice; it's action, it's movement.

So get going, will you?


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