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Finding My Worth, My Confidence, and Myself with My Program

Posted Jun 25th, 2015 in General, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Testimonials

Finding My Worth, My Confidence, and Myself with My Program

I'm in the process of creating something BIG. I'm mega excited and in order to prepare I was sent these questions to get the brainstorming process started.

What do you think makes you unique and different from other gyms and instructors?

I'm extremely proud to say that I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, I’m ACE Certified in both fitness and nutrition and I’m currently pursuing kids and senior fitness certifications.

My teaching range is everything from strength training, to boot camps, kickboxing, yoga, and Pilates. I’ve got it ALL! I also add new workouts every 2 weeks to my routines to keep it fresh. Fresh music and moves keeps people in the long run because they stay engaged.

 There really isn’t any demographic that I can’t serve and a program that I’m not knowledgeable about. My knowledge, skills, value, and PASSION is what sets me apart.

 I’m not a huge flashy gym, I’m one woman, but I make it a point to talk to each and everyone of my clients and meet them where they are at each day. You truly get 1:1 attention. That’s just my personality and that’s what I would want from a trainer. A lot of my clients describe me as their “mentor” and that term really speaks to me.

 I also have an online fitness/ education program that can be accessed from home. Clients have a one-stop shop approach to get their daily dose of workouts, nutrition education, motivation, and support from me whether that’s in person or accessing the workouts online while at home or traveling they are still “with me.”

Most gyms/instructors just focus on the in studio actual workout. You get your block of time and you get a workout. That’s it. But the workout is only 20% of a weight loss equation. 80% is nutrition and motivation. That’s where I come in!

 The workout in my program is only ¼ of the package and I’m constantly educating and teaching and motivating behind the scenes with people via online groups, emails, texts etc. I’m their “dial a trainer” and I provide a ton of VALUE to my clients. I’m a huge giver!

 I’m a huge people person too and love the relationship and connections.  People are changing from the inside out, and that’s a really amazing thing to be a part of.  Their transformations are what keep me going!

 What do you think makes your company/ product unique?

Because of the variety in classes offered, my certifications, the 3 options for training (online, group, and 1:1), the nutrition, the motivation, there is a place for everyone. I want to be that person that people come to when they hit that “a-ha” moment that it’s time for change.

 We all have that driver and our “WHY” we want something bigger and better for ourselves. It’s usually deeper than, “ I just want to lose weight.” It’s almost always, “ I want to lose weight BECAUSE…… I’m a single mom and I need to be around for my kids.. or…I can’t remember the last time I didn’t hide from getting my picture taken, I want to be confident… or… I want to get lean and strong so I set a good example for my kids…”

 There is always a deeper why. If I can connect people to their why and support them will all the tools they need, then we have success! I’m a trainer that’s willing to take the time and dig deeper.

 What sorts of conflicts or situations have you had to deal with starting and running this business? 

I don’t know anyone else doing the online program and I’m SUPER proud of it. I started taping classes one month after I had my son (who is now a year and a half.) I took a lot of criticism in the industry for not “looking a certain way,” as I was not a slim tiny woman with six packs abs. It made me question if I should just wait until I lost the baby weight because I was afraid of judgement. It made me question if I should keep going or not.

After I had my son, I felt like I didn’t understand or even know the body I had anymore. Being a mom is a gift, and the fact that my body can do what it did is amazing, but the fitness industry and people in general are just mean and judgemental. It’s a highly competitive business (even though I don’t feel like any of us are competing, there are lots of people to be helped) and first impressions are critical.

 But I had to think back to MY “why.” Which is being a confident mom who sets the example to my kids that they can do anything they put their mind to!

 I didn’t grow up that way. I was bullied a lot as a kid and even in my nursing profession. I grew up in a small town where there was a lot of competitiveness in athletics and there was a lot of pressure placed on us as kids to be perfect. So I grew into this person who was shy, and scared, and afraid of trying new things, and never thought I was good enough for anything.

  I chose to use my online program to showcase MY progression of finding me again. I chose to put myself out there and carry on despite the judgement. If I wanted people to get comfortable uncomfortable, I needed to do the same.

In my little studio, I found me again.

 Here I am over 80lbs lighter, incredibly strong, flexible, and confident, and I have this amazing documentary of fitness classes that people can follow along with me whether you are overweight and just getting back into exercise, or you are taking your fitness to the next level, there is a video in which I am there with you and I can relate.  

 I used to cringe when I saw those first videos  (they are still crazy hard classes) and think, “God I am so fat.” Now I look at those videos and think, “Look how far I’ve come!”

 That strong, confident person was there in every video and deep down inside of me, I just had to keep working every day to bring her out and I needed to believe this was the way for me.

What’s your dream for Lisa P's Quick Fitness?

I want Lisa P’s Quick Fitness to operate as a family business and I want to keep that family feel. Fitness and togetherness is such an amazing feeling. I want it to be a program that husbands and wives can do together, girlfriends, mom and daughters, dads and their sons. I want it to literally be a household name.

 If we can get more people moving, and more people feeling better, amazing things can happen in this world. We can combat illnesses; people will be nicer to each other, more productive, and we can overcome this massive obesity epidemic that is taking over kids and adults.

 If I can educate more people and show them that taking their health and happiness back isn’t an unreachable goal, our world would change.

 In the craziness of the day to day, we’ve also lost the “family time.” I want to give people their life back to be able to focus on the things that matter.

 I’d love to grow worldwide. Not just North America. I want my name to be known!

When it’s my time to leave this world, I want to know that I made it a better place.

What’s your ultimate dream?

I want to be an educator. I want to be a motivational speaker. I want travel the world and meet different people and be exposed to different cultures. I can see myself talking on stage in front of tens of thousands of people (pretty cool considering I was once an incredibly shy person), and delivering value and content to inspire people to go after their dreams, to work hard, to gain confidence, and to know they are enough. Everyone has a struggle and a story and a journey. I want to be a world-class educator and motivator in health and fitness.

Why did you start Lisa P's Quick Fitness?

Fitness has always been a passion of mine, but when I look back on my life, I realize that playing sports when I was younger wasn’t what actually made me happy, it was the confidence of being good at something that I loved. 

 When I decided to be an instructor and teach classes at a gym, I loved the feeling of inspiring people. Knowing that you are changing people’s lives is an incredible feeling.

 I gave up teaching due to having to work shifts as a nurse, and I really missed it. I had the most packed classes at the gyms and people were would naturally gravitate to me.

 I knew nothing about entrepreneurship, but I said to my husband, “ I really want to design my OWN programs- quick and effective, because people don’t have a lot of time, and I want to pick the music and change the moves often- because I get bored!” I want to have the freedom to be creative! I want to do this again, but I don’t want to work for a gym. I want this to be a career because I really feel THIS is what I was meant to do!

 I could not live another day not following my dream and what I was meant to do.

 It’s now evolved into me being a problem solver for people. Short on time? Easily bored? Plateau often? Want 1:1 attention? Need nutritional guidance? I’ve got it all! I just want to help people!

 I also want people to know that “living a fit lifestyle” doesn’t mean perfection. It’s simply about choices. You can still enjoy life. It’s all about finding balance.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but have never done?

I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon.  The training and strength and determination to do one are amazing.  Being a mom and a nurse and an instructor, it’s easy to forget about your own goals when you are so busy helping everyone else reach theirs.

This would be something that would be completely and totally selfish and for me. But I can vision my husband and son at the finish line cheering me on, and to me that would be a really cool ending to completing that goal in my life. One problem- I don’t know how to ride a bike! True story.

Why does Lisa P’s matter?

That’s an awesome question. I feel like I’m the underdog! I’m like the little engine that could, or the girl that just won’t give up. I love when people tell me I can’t do something or I won’t succeed because I don’t look a certain way or do a certain thing.

 Hard work does pay off. My journey is a testament to women (and men) who want to get their confidence back; Who want to work on themselves; Who want to reach for a goal and not care what people think.


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