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The Negative Effects of a Sleep- Deprived Body

Posted Jul 8th, 2015 in Wellness

The Negative Effects of a Sleep- Deprived Body

"Just one more email"

"I have to answer one more message."

"I will be up in a minute."

These are all deadly phrases that I've uttered in the past couple of months.

My business has started to BOOM, and while trying to balance a full time job and raise a toddler, my long days have become insanely longer.

I've been really lucky that I have not had a cold in over two years,

Until last month.

A sinus infection, laryngitis which left me completely without a voice, and overall a fatigue for a few days that I couldn't shake.

I started to think, am I really lucky, or have I not been getting the rest and recovery my body and mind needs? I was also stuck at a plateau in my weight loss.

The scale and measuring tape WOULD. NOT. BUDGE.

I started to analyze my day and check in with my emotions and my energy levels.

Of course I blamed my fitness routine.

"Maybe I need a new program!"

Of course I blamed my nutrition.

"I guess I could up my water intake. Perhaps I should cut my portions, or maybe get rid of that glass of wine all together."

I never thought about the one piece that holds it all together: SLEEP!

So, just how deadly are these questions and thoughts?

1. A sleep deprived body is 30% more likely to hold fat around the mid-section. This puts us more at risk for heart disease by 48%, and it impairs our judgement. It's easier for an exhausted body and mind to grab fast food, or dive into those doughnuts at work. A stressed body also holds fat. It's like a buffer for our hormones and emotions.

2. A sleep deprived body is 3x more likely to catch a cold. I know this first hand. Our body is pretty fascinating and can do many things at once, but when we put it into overdrive, our immunity is the first to go.

3. A sleep deprived body's sensitivity to insulin and energy are reduced. This places us at risk for Diabetes. In the long run, this can lead to vision, kidney, and circulation problems.

4. A sleep deprived body is 20% more likely to develop high blood pressure. Combat that with a stressful work environment or a packed schedule, and the risk of having a heart attack doubles.

5. A sleep deprived body's alertness is reduced by 32%. This impairs our reaction time while driving, as well as our side stepping strategy, the ability of our body to gain our balance after take a step.

I can remember one of my worries as a sleep deprived, first-time mom, was of falling down the stairs with our son in my arms.

I can also remember worrying about our 94 year old grandma navigating the stairs in her home, as I knew one fall could have devastating effects on her health.

At the end of the day, remember to power down. Put your phone on airplane mode. Turn off the television one hour before bed.

Does that email or message REALLY need to be answered tonight? Is that deadline your deadline or someone else?

If you didn't answer those emails or messages or meet that deadline, what's the worst that can happen?

We know what's the worst that can happen for you!

A solid 7-8 hours of sleep is one of best ways to rest, recover, improve your health, and meet your day with energy and a smile!


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