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Answering Controversial Questions in Health and Fitness

Posted Jul 13th, 2015 in General, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

Answering Controversial Questions in Health and Fitness

The work continues as I'm creating something BIG about my unique health and fitness program.

Here are the answers to my next round of questions thrown my way.

Ballsy little bugger asking these questions.. but they are real and honest and good! I love it!

Why do you try and appeal to everyone? What would you say to the criticism that your brand is unfocused and diluted by trying to appeal to so many people?

We have a serious obesity epidemic and it’s a scary thought that it’s starting to affect kids! As parents or even just adults that kids looks up to (teachers, law enforcement, neighbors, aunts, uncles) who doesn’t NEED fitness in their life?

It’s not just about fitness. It’s about an attitude and a presence. It’s about setting an example. It’s about wanting more for your life and having the guts to get up and take more for yourself.

My brand started out for everyone, but after I became a mom, and received that tough criticism for the way I looked, I knew what message I wanted to convey and who my brand was for.

I started to attract women, mom’s, dads, the multi-taskers who manage a lot, but want to look and feel better. The people who want to have energy to keep up with their kids and who just want to be better at their roles in life. Who doesn’t want to be crazy Uncle Charlie dancing around at the wedding making everyone laugh? You need confidence to be able to do that. You need to be willing to GET UP and go!

My brand is for the people who want to be confident!

Isn’t that everyone?

You can’t exclude anyone. Everyone should have a chance to feel badass!  :)

You mentioned that the fitness industry was very mean and judgmental, why is that? And why is the fitness industry so competitive?

We live in a photo shopped world with entirely unrealistic examples of what healthy should look like. Since when was a size 4 or 6 a plus size model?
We also live in a world where it’s easy to criticize over social media and we can detach our comments from the real emotion it brings out in people. I often wonder if we had to say these comment to people’s faces and see the reactions, if cyber bullying would be so prominent?

First impressions are so huge and unfortunately we are a society that judges based on looks at first glance. I’d love to change that.

We have a picture in our mind of what sexy or strong should look like based on the cover of magazines or celebrities, but we don’t know what the back-story is behind that model or celebrity.

This is their JOB!  They are paid to look happy, fit, and put together. (Maybe they are!) but many of them have to do unrealistic and downright unhealthy things to keep that certain look.

I do believe that you have to be a product of the product and live by example when you are in the health and fitness industry, but I also believe it’s important to honor the journey.

I believe that strong and sexy can be whatever you want it to be or whatever you want it to look like!

I might not have six pack abs, but I’d challenge anyone to a plank challenge and I bet I’d win! I’m strong! :)

It’s goes back to the age old, you have to love the body you are given and honor that vessel and what it can do for you! We have to stop trying to fit into an unrealistic mold for ourselves.

The fitness industry is also so over saturated. Anyone with six-pack abs thinks they can be a trainer and start giving out fitness advice, and people trust them because they look fit!

People are also looking for the quick fix, and the health and fitness marketers know that. They are praying on desperation of people.

I really think credentials and continuing education are incredibly important for instructors and trainers to have, and I think we need to start being honest with people.

Hard work pays off, but you have to do the daily work!

How long did you work at/for another gym before quitting?

I have been in the fitness industry since 2005! 10 years until I completely went on my own!

I developed such awesome relationships with people that it was hard to leave. It wasn’t the job that kept me there; it was the smiling faces and the people looking forward to my classes.

A few women changed their work schedules just to accommodate my classes! But I knew I had to do what made me happy and what felt right for me. If I stayed at gyms, I’d use it as a security blanket and never take the leap! It’s not good to stay too comfortable!

How did becoming an entrepreneur change the first vision of your business if it did)? What did you have to change and adapt in regards to your vision / platform while slowly starting your business?
In my first approach, I wanted to mimic what I had at the gym. Packed classes, lots of energy, and a big group setting, it was all I really knew.

But then I really dulled it down and thought about how much change I truly was making with each individual. How much impact could I really make with someone for one, maybe two, hours a week.  I also really wanted to help everyone, from the die hard, season exerciser in the front row, to the newbies hiding in the back.

From a business standpoint, I also realized that I was trading dollars for hours and every hour working was an hour away from my son. I knew my model needed to change.

Then the garage fit studio was created and online fitness was added!

My model changed to SMALL group training, individualized training, online training, and online accountability groups.

With the small group and individualized training, I was able to keep that connection and really dive into solutions that get people results. The bonds of my participants got stronger too! I could talk nutrition and specialized fitness and it prompted me to seek out more educational opportunities and certifications to meet their needs. It gave them an opportunity to ask questions and get more 1:1 attention!

I am REALLY proud of the online program. It’s truly thinking outside the box and it’s a solution for people who are pressed for time or don’t want to go to the gym. I really truly believe online fitness is the wave of the future!

By adding clients into this online network, they get to connect with others and have access to workouts 24/7. We all live such busy lives! This is a way to make fitness part of our everyday routine.

As people were getting incredible results, it boosted my confidence too! I used to be very shy about talking about my business or brand, now I am SO IN IT! I tell everyone I meet about my business. I really think I’m starting to own the word entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur is to be a problem solver and a creator!

It was also residual income for me and I was able to service multiple needs of people at once. It gave people that connection and motivation and it didn’t ALL have to come from me. I think the online program created a movement and it keeps people accountable for their goals!

Lastly, it helped me balance work and life and time with a newborn! My son loves bopping around in the studio now. He tries to mimic what I do. It really shows that we are truly setting the example! I can create a future for us, but I also don’t have to miss out on time with my family.

Why do you not know how to ride a bike?

This question made me laugh and feel a bit sad at the same time.

I came from a really small town and it was really competitive in athletics (think Varsity Blues!).

I was a really amazing athlete, but my training started from a really young age. I know my parents meant well, but I missed out on the fun kid things.

I think that’s where my strong work ethic and drive to be the best comes from. I can’t bike, roller blade, ice skate, ski…. It’s quite sad actually!

I couldn’t really do anything that had a risk of me being injured. Every spare moment I had, I was training for volleyball, basketball, or track. I do have my medals hanging up in my studio. I know that makes my dad proud.

I am actually the most opposite type of parent with Oliver. We are incredibly active, but I want him to enjoy kid things.

My husband really grounds me too, when I see Oliver drinking from the hose and eating dirt.

But I really think kids should be kids. We have the rest of our lives to grow up and be responsible!


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