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September is the New January!

Posted Sep 9th, 2015 in General, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

September is the New January!

"Book your Christmas Party Today!" flashed across the sign at a local restaurant down the street. Christmas is right around the corner (or so it feels like it), and we're already being reminded that we need to plan ahead.

We don't blink an eye at holiday parties, gatherings, birthdays, and celebrations, but why should our health and fitness be any different?

We have it nailed down to time, place, what we are going to wear, accessories, what time we need to get our hair done, the agenda for the day, party decorations, food--you name it--with a little wiggle room for mishaps and misunderstandings.

It's all planned and carefully executed.

Why not do the same with your resolutions?

September is the prefect time to plan!

I LOVE September.

Not only is it the month my husband and I got married in, but it's also the time when I get extremely focused about how I want to start the new year!

Fall is a time of warm sweaters, pumpkin spice, baking, boots, and a time for change!

With 3 months out until the New Year, it's go time.

1) Fitness- What is a realistic expectation of something you will stick to?

I know I have one hour a day, but it requires sacrifice on my part in getting up early to MAKE that time.

I also know that I need to switch things up between cross training, strength, PiYo, and running, or else I will get bored and quit.

I typically work out for 30 minutes a day with one of my Quick Fitness programs or a Beachbody program. I've lost close to 90lbs in 20 months and my dress size has been cut in half!

2) Nutrition- Who is the cook in the family?

Do they understand clean eating? Do you or them find it overwhelming?

Simplify your life with blocking out time to prep food, plan your meals, and be mindful of portions.

Since I've been using my 21 Day Fix Containers, I have a much better handle on what a proper portion size looks like and the kinds of food I should be eating.

Snacks and meals are now so simple!

I've also added in a Shakeology shake for breakfast every morning.

20 months and the routine has never failed me yet. I feel really good about fueling my body right first thing in the morning.

3) Motivation and Support- Who are you going to tell about your plans and goals?

My accountability groups have been the SINGLE MOST VITAL piece of my success.

Being around the coach community has helped me let go of the past, and tap into my clarity for my goals and exercise discipline.

I've fallen a few times, but my coaches, and the motivation of my challengers, have picked me up every single time.

As you're busting out your fall wardrobe, tending to your gardens, and preparing for the colder weather, give a little time and energy to yourself.

Someone once told me if you fail to plan, then you better plan to fail.

Why not start 2016 living your most productive, present, and fulfilling life with the routines you've developed in October, November, and December?

It's time to stop having to start over.


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