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Beware of the Chair: How Sitting Disease is Slowly Killing You

Posted Sep 30th, 2015 in General, Fitness, Wellness

Beware of the Chair: How Sitting Disease is Slowly Killing You

I loved working as an ICU nurse. The adrenaline rushes, constantly critically thinking and being a step ahead, and the satisfaction of knowing that I'm truly helping people was amazing, but it didn't come without wear and tear on my body.

I rarely took breaks, rarely ate, and rarely had time to make to the bathroom. I also worked 12 hour shifts, days and nights, and the daily stress started to take a toll.

When a Nurse Educator job was placed in my lap, I couldn't say no. I love teaching, and although it was a bit lesser of a salary, it was Monday-Friday 9-5 and wonderful flexibility.

My job is incredible, however, it doesn't come without drawbacks.

I cover over a 200km area. I create long presentations and have to constantly research to say current.

I sit at a desk. I sit in the car. I sit. A LOT.

Little did I know this term "Sitting Disease" has actually been coined as a real issue.

Even a few months into my job, I could feel my posture starting to change.

I was hunched over a bit more than normal and my shoulders were naturally starting to creep up closer to my ears. I also found myself wanting to mindlessly snack when I was overwhelmed with a big project.

Not only does prolonged sitting change your posture and mood, but it also puts you at risk for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

On the flip side, standing promotes muscle tone, posture, metabolism, and burns a few calories.

I knew I needed to get focused and mindful about my routines at work or I was headed down an unhealthy path.

Every hour, I started get up an walk around my office or I went to get a drink of water.

I started to make a few trips up and down the closest stairs.

Some other helpful ideas that you can implement are to start walking to a co-workers desk instead of sending an email or calling on the phone.

Coordinate a lunch and learn or a walk and talk meeting.

Be the catalyst for creating a healthy work environment.

Research has shown that just 10 minute bouts of exercise, done three time a day, is just as effective as one 30 minutes session.

Who says you don't have time to workout?

Make it part of your day.

It all adds up!


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