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A Fun Way to Burn 200 Calories: The Raking Leaves Workout!

Posted Oct 16th, 2015 in Fitness

A Fun Way to Burn 200 Calories: The Raking Leaves Workout!

It's that gorgeous time of year where the colors start to change and the leaves begin to fall.

The weeding of the gardens is quickly replaced with raking.

And if you have a yard like ours, there is lots of it!

I've decided to change my thinking this year and make this activity FUN!

Why be bitter when you can burn an extra 200 calories in less than a half hour, AND make your home beautiful?

Ensure you have proper footwear as leaves can be slippery, and dress in layers as you may begin to work up a sweat!

1) Every 5 minutes, switch sides while raking. This will evenly distribute the workload on your obliques (side part of the abs) and shoulders.

2) Avoid twisting, and use your legs to shift your weight back and forth while raking.

3) Squat to lift the leaves and place them in your clean up bag. Repeat. Again, and again, and again!

4) After each bag is full, lift it over your head 10 times for an intense shoulder, bicep, and back workout! (Optional)

5) If you happen to have a partner with you, pass the bags back and forth a few times for a great chest workout (alternative to push ups), before taking them to the curb. (Optional)

Who needs weights and expensive equipment when you have mother nature?


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