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Why Work, Play, Rest, and Recovery Needs To Hold Equal Weight in Our Life

Posted Dec 27th, 2015

Why Work, Play, Rest, and Recovery Needs To Hold Equal Weight in Our Life

I really struggled this past year with being present.

As a determined, confident entrepreneur, there was no "off" button for me. Marketing plans, 1:1 training, new music, choreography, online clients, leading a team, I had created an atmosphere where I felt I needed to work 24/7.

It was also the year that I decided that my health was going to be a priority. Planning clean family meals, getting to bed on time, and doing 30 minutes of exercise outside of my classes and training was non-negotiable, all while still working full time as a nurse and being a mom and wife.

In my mind, I created an atmosphere that I had to work harder, do more, and jam pack every moment with something that moved myself or my business forward.

What I didn't realize was that as much as my professional life was taking off, my closest friends were staring to ask if they could "book time in with me" and I was answering online messages while watching my son play or my husband was cooking dinner and doing dishes.

I believe that goals are necessary. It's what catapults your life forward, but I really needed to add some family and relationship goals into the mix if I wanted to stay connected to what matters most.

I wouldn't be half as successful in my life if it wasn't for my friends encouraging me, my husband being a jack of all trades and helping me in whatever I needed, and my son giving me purpose each day.

So I made some changes.

I started to block my time and prioritize what needed to happen in those certain hours of the day. Family, date nights, play time with Oliver, and rest and recovery started to take up space in my planner.

I've blocked out one whole Saturday each month in 2016 for a complete date DAY with my husband. Naps have become my friend, unplugged play time with Oliver has been amazing, and recently I've added a thankfulness jar into our bedroom for Eric and I to write notes to each other each day.

As much as it's important to know what you want in life, it's equally important to know what you aren't willing to sacrifice in the process.

I want my family and friends to know how much I love and appreciate them. I want Eric to know how much I appreciate the coffee he brings me in the morning and the encouragement he gives me to keep going.

I want my son to know that he is my greatest blessing and gift, and every moment with him counts.

This past month I've been the most productive I've ever been, the strongest in my workouts, and my heart has been happy.

Arianna Huffington describes it as ying and yang.

Work needs to be balanced equally with rest and play.

It makes you whole. It makes you balanced.

And the people you love the most in this life, make it worth it.

Go hard towards your health and fitness goals, but don't lose perspective about what and WHO matters most in the process.


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