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Where does Shakeology Fit?

Posted Jan 11th, 2016 in General, Nutrition

Where does Shakeology Fit?

OK. I sort of set you up.

Earlier on my personal social media,  I posted a picture of a few of the beverage choices that I get to make in a day, and I asked which one would you choose and why?

Shakeology, Water, Milk, Coffee, and Wine.

I knew water and wine would be a hit.

Who doesn't love a great glass of red, and we all know that we need to stay hydrated in order to keep our body and mind strong, but it made me realize that our eyes have passed over the benefits of Shakeology.

.......OR my friends really just don't understand what it is.

The only people who chose Shakeology are my fellow coaches on our team.

Now, you will argue that we get paid to say this.

Truth is.

We don't.

We've simply found a solution that fits our needs in our life and makes us feel INCREDIBLE.

So let me bust down some myths and tell you how I'm on Day 11 straight of this incredible masterpiece.

Last year I drank it about 350 days of 365. This year I'm going for all 366.

Gotta love a leap year!

1. Shakeology is just a protein shake.

While it does have protein in it. Shakeology is a super food shake. Imagine 700 of the most incredible, cleanest ingredients zapped into powder and placed in the form of a smoothie. It's got protein, but it's the only shake that has protein, fiber, pre and probiotics, fruits, vegetables (all of your fruit and veggies servings needed in a day), and super food like camu camu and acai in it.

The newest flavor actually uses the antioxidant fruit from the coffee plant. How cool is that?

It's also a complete meal.

What does your complete meal look like? Do you just eat chicken breast for dinner? That's the equivalent of a protein shake. We need balance and multiple food groups that are going to sustain our bodies and act as proper fuel.

2. Shakeology is a weight loss shake.

If you have weight to lose, chances are, you will by using Shakeology. You are feeding your body with an incredible dense, healthy form of fuel that's better than the alternative.

Yes, I understand that many people eat eggs, fruit, whole wheat toast, and yogurt for breakfast, but is it eaten consistently?

And can you actually digest all of that dense food? Have you ever tried to eat a whole cup of carrots or cauliflower. It's hard!

Shakeology has been a solution in our home to keep breakfast consistent every single day and that is what has helped me lose over 90lbs in almost 2 years.

We would eat incredibly clean and consistent for 4 mornings of the week, but then a breakfast sandwich here, skipping a meal there, and it undid all of the hard work we on those 4 days.

It really left us in weight loss limbo.

You will not gain weight back if you stop using Shakeology, but your energy will dip, bloating may return, and your cravings won't be at bay. If THAT makes you start making poorer choices, and snacking more often, the weight may creep back up.

3. Shakeology is incredible expensive.

As I was sitting with a fellow Pilates instructor at Starbucks talking about Shakeology, I couldn't help but recognize that at $5 a shake, it gave me an incredible amount of content, than the Starbucks coffee that I was sipping.

I'm not here to manage anyone's bank account or in a position to talk about finances, but I do know that people will put time, money, and effort into things they value or simply put, things they enjoy.

After working out like a beast for 5 years and not seeing the scale or my muscle tone build, I had to get real with myself and take a look at my nutrition.

I also had to have something that was sustainable and easy.

When I started using Shakeology it was the missing link. The weight started to drop off and it was the only factor I changed. My energy levels rose and I felt amazing.

I knew no matter what the cost, I had to make it work in my life.

It's served me as a meal replacement, a quick snack, and a post recovery workout drink. We have actually saved money by purchasing less fruits and veggies for the week, less snack food items, and to be honest, we drink less alcohol and go out to eat a lot less.

When I found out, I could become an online health and fitness coach and get it at a discounted price, it was an easy decision.

Shakeology is truly incredible.

Let your mind wander and google some recipes.

My favorites are the apple pie shakeology, snickerdoodle, birthday cake, and gingerbread recipes.

Can't beat something that has kale and greens in it and tastes like birthday cake.

I'm sold!


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