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How I Lost 7lbs in a Week and Ate a Ton of Food!

Posted Feb 6th, 2016 in General, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Testimonials

How I Lost 7lbs in a Week and Ate a Ton of Food!

I almost asked for a shirt from Etsy for Christmas that said "I'm Hangry." If you're not familiar with the term, its when you're hungry and angry, and the struggle is real. Or at least the struggle used to be real.

I don't know about you, but I love food. I love to eat. Plain and simple.

Therefore when I set the date for my fitness photo shoot of February 20th, I new that I wanted to look and feel my absolute best. It's exciting updating your photos for your brand, but also a bit scary.

I am a mom. I work full time. I have a business and life is crazy. I don't get paid to solely workout, make clean recipes, and teach classes.

I'm a real person with real struggles just like you.

I've upgraded my knowledge in getting certified in fitness and nutrition; therefore I knew I better be smart about coming up with a plan. It wasn't to cut calories, live on salads, or juice. I'm all about keeping it simple and keeping it real and none of those options appealed to me.

As an online coach, our incredibly large team of over 4,000 people from across the world, make up monthly fitness and nutrition plans.

We pull from the expertise of people like me, a health and fitness professional, and other people like the busy business men and women, and stay at home moms, to come up with REALISTIC, EASY, DO-ABLE monthly accountability groups that offer fitness, nutrition, motivation,and supportive coaching.

As a coach it's really important to me to be doing the same plan with my clients so I'm walking the walk with them.

As I hopped on the scale this morning, at the end of our 5 Day Fat Flush Group, that I followed to a "T", I could not believe my eyes.

7lbs. A number staring back at me that I haven't seen since HIGH SCHOOL when I was an athlete.

Pardon my language, but if you do the work, this $HiT works.

Let me share with you what I did to get here:

1) I've always had my super food Shakeology shake each morning for about a year and a half, even when I was nursing my son, but I chose to play with the ingredients. I love my cashew milk and 1/2 a banana, but instead of adding a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter, I chose to substitute small handful of cashews. Not only was the nutty flavour a nice change, but I've been reading a lot about the inflammatory properties in peanut butter, so I'm trying to cut back to food in it's rawest form.

2) I significantly reduced my alcohol intake. Although I disagree with the newest research about young women and alcohol, might be a bit too all or nothing for me, I do know that alcohol when consumed on a regular basis does slow your metabolism. We can't actually see the effects its having internally, and although there is some research to suggest red wine does have some healthy properties to it, the negative outweighs the positive in my scenario. I am not looking to maintain my weight right now, I'm looking to build lean muscle and shed some belly fat; therefore I only had one glass of wine on Friday night. Not my nightly ritual of a glass at dinner or AHEM.. COUGH..the bottle on Friday night.

3) Some popcorn here, a cracker there, a piece of cheese here, the late night snacking was killing me. I stay up a bit late some nights as I have online coaching calls and I'm supporting so many people right now in their health and fitness journey. Because I still work full time as a nurse, the majority of my fitness clients are supported or trained in the mornings or evenings. And this all works around my son's dinner, bath, story and bed time. Family is the most important thing to me, but right now some days are hairy getting it to all fit. By the time I was wrapped up for the night, I was craving something for me. Instead of snacking, I started making a really good cup of fancy tea and getting the "F" away from the kitchen. I'm sure I saved myself about 200-300 calories a night that I really didn't need by making that switch. Pick up the cup of tea and walk away.

4) I love to exercise. It's my sanity break. And although I don't get paid to do it all day long, I certainly could. I love teaching my clients and my classes, but I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program. I was stuck at a plateau, and needed to up my game a bit. My fall back was Chalene Johnson's Turbo Fire (mostly cardio) or Turbo Jam (mostly cardio) mixed with my own weight training, but when I'm teaching my clients, my focus is on them. Those other programs were really just a way for me to let loose and have fun, but I committed to a TOUGH weights program and have stayed the course. It's really a mix of weights, cardio, and yoga, but it's the real deal.

Change and being a bit uncomfortable is a good thing.

5) Lastly, I was so incredible focused on my nutrition. This meal plan had a lot of easy meatless dishes, when at first glance I thought I would be starving. Have you ever tried to consistently eat whole foods? Spinach, carrots, broccoli, garlic, beans, quinoa, tomato, avocado, sweet potato, squash, lentils, eggs, tofu, food in it's purest forms. The soups and stir fries were so packed with nutrient dense food that I couldn't finish it all. I did have chicken on my salad one day for lunch and shrimp in our spaghetti, but most other meals were actually meatless. For my meat loving husband, he chose to make pork chops and chicken and use my dishes as a side. It worked. We were all happy and they were even 2 year old toddler approved. We saved quite a bit of money this week in groceries too as beans, grains, fruits, and veggies are budget friendly.

It's amazing how these little tweaks and changes add up, and how committing to a plan pays off.

I'd be happy to coach you to do the same. That's really what fills my cup.

Today I'm proud, confident, leaner, stronger, and happier.

I'm a better mom, wife, trainer, and friend; you deserve to look and feel the same.


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