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How I Stopped Emotionally Eating

Posted Feb 21st, 2016 in Nutrition, Wellness

How  I Stopped Emotionally Eating

Up until about two years ago my plate was very full. Extremely full in more ways than one.

I worked as a full time traveling Nurse Educator, covering a large geographical area, and servicing over 88 Long Term Care Homes and their staff.

On my maternity leave from work, I decided to launch one of the largest projects of my fitness business, my Quick Fitness online program, which took my "part-time" group fitness classes into full time entrepreneurial gig.

I also decided to launch a whole other business venture, My Quick Fitness Seniors Program, which serviced Baby Boomers and Seniors with their health and fitness. I knew this was an untapped market and filled the need for this population in so many ways.

I accepted a spot at a local gym teaching PiYo and Group Power as I thought that getting out of the house on my maternity leave would be good for my social network.

Lastly, I decided to become a health and fitness coach with Beachbody; all while having a 4 month old, 5 pets, and a house to look after. 

Most days I felt run off of my feet, exhausted, and tired of helping everyone but myself.

When it finally came time to decompress, a glass of wine (or 3), and a handful of caramel corn (or the whole bag) became the norm.

Sometimes it wasn't even the food that was unhealthy, I just ravenously ate a ginormous bowl of spaghetti, even thought it was whole wheat or I went for seconds on the bread.

Food was either seen as "get it done while you have a moment," or " I have worked really hard, I deserve a treat."

The real truth is a lot of days it was, "What do I have in the fridge and cupboard? Oh $HiT, Kraft dinner and cheese and crackers it is."



So why did I do that to myself?

We spent hours making healthy oats, having a large bowl of fruit in the house at all times, pureeing beans and peas and sweet potatoes and chicken breast, all to make sure that everything was all natural, organic, and healthy.

When he stopped breastfeeding and it was time for him to eat, his nutrition was our number one priority as I really do believe you are what you eat.

So then why the hell was I eating crap?

I spend so much time being a parent, why was I not parenting myself?

Take some things off your plate, friends and family told me. You're working too hard. And you know what, they were right.

I gave up the classes at the gym, because I wasn't passionate about them anymore, and I was super passionate about my own business and brand.

But it didn't have ANY affect on my habits.

When I changed my MINDSET about food and about myself, everything changed.

I got to the root of what I needed in my life, and it was on big fat word.


I was in control of my choices good or bad, and I had to start getting my habits, routines, and emotions in check so I could start making better choices.

It all started with my morning.

1) Instead of getting up with the cry of our son, I began to set my alarm to 45 minutes earlier. That meant that I had to start going to bed a bit earlier and leaving any unanswered messages until the morning.

I also had to mentally check out of any good or bad TV. I began to ask myself, is this show or message really worth sabotaging my well being and how I feel tomorrow? Almost always, the answer was no. I could always catch a replay later and that message will still be there in the morning. Going to bed on time meant less time to be temped by a snack.

2) When I got up, and my feet hit the ground, I said to myself,

"Today I'm going to be bold, passionate, and present in every interaction, and every thought that I have for myself."

I knew that I couldn't control what was going to happen to me, but if I took a second and thought about HOW I wanted to show up each day, I could absolutely control that. In the long run, it really does feel better to be the bigger person and make every single day count.

3) "How can I make someone smile today?"

Perhaps it was a compliment, an unexpected embrace and kiss for my spouse, being silly with my son, holding the door for a stranger, buying someone a coffee, just listening and engaging, refusing to engage in small talk; I always plan one random act of kindness and it has started to fill up my cup of life more than any food ever could.

Interactions, people, engagement, presence, those things really do matter.

4) Lastly, I started to think about what my biggest challenges were going to be. Would I be too busy to fit in a workout? Would I not having healthy options in the house? Would I be too tired too cook? Are there brownies in the cupboard? Do I have to go to a Long Term Care Home with ignorant, disrespectful staff? Do I have to train a client who doesn't follow my instructions and complains about life? What was going to throw my good energy off balance? What was going to tempt me?

In that 45 minutes each morning, I made sure I got in my workouts and I had a plan for any temptation or negative hit that was coming my way.

As I started to feel more in control, I started making better choices. I started to feel really confident and my happiness level boosted x 100. To no surprise, I started to lose weight, but more importantly, I now look forward to each day. I jump out of bed ready to make it my own.

My life hasn't gotten any less busy.

I'm still a mom, wife, RN, Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Coach. I've just taught myself about the important things in life, force myself to make the right choices even when it's hard, and do things like exercise, eat healthy, and sleep, even when I don't want to.

Kind of like all of those life lessons we teach our kids.

Why don't we take a dose of our own daily medicine and start to turn things around?

The power is all yours.


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