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There's More to Squats Than A Tight Booty

Posted Mar 15th, 2016 in General, Fitness, Wellness

There's More to Squats Than A Tight Booty

If you follow my Quick Fitness Program, you know I LOVE squats.

I may actually be slightly obsessed with them.

Not only are they seen in the warm up and the workout, but I may or may not be know to bust out a few when I'm washing dishes, putting in the laundry, or playing with my son, Oliver.

What kid doesn't love being hoisted up high overhead and lowered down to the ground for endless amounts of laughter and fun?

But what you may not know is there are incredible benefits to working our legs, far beyond a tight booty or a playful way to entertain our kids!

1) Activating our large muscles, specifically the legs and butt, create an anabolic state in our body. Simply put, we are priming our body to build muscle--everywhere--not just the legs.

2) With more muscle in our body, we burn more fat and we increase our fat oxidation. Simply put, our fat gets burned quicker and more effortlessly, and it doesn't store in our body.

3) Now that our bodies are fat burning machines, we can preform like athletes throughout our day.

Don't think you need to be an athlete?

Have you ever had to sprint to stop your child from running out into traffic?

Catch your balance as your dog chased a squirrel?

By working our energy and metabolism powerhouses, the lower body, we overall improve our posture, strength, endurance, balance, mobility, and not to mention, we can rock a pair of high heels on date night!

But of course, we need to find that reliable sitter first!

Squat for your health.

Squat to kill fat.

Squat to be strong for your kids.

Just squat.

To squat with me, check out my exclusive Lisa P's Quick Fitness Online Program that you can do 24/7 from home!


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