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Your Daily Workout Routines are Expanding With New Trainers!

Posted Apr 19th, 2016 in General, Wellness

Your Daily Workout Routines are Expanding With New Trainers!

It takes a village.

How many times have we heard that?

As a busy working mom, I'm never opposed to help.

In fact, that was one big realization in my life when I was desperately trying to do it all.

Why are we so afraid to ask for help? Help is a good thing!

I needed to be fully present with my family.

I needed to be productive in balancing full time work and a business.

And I needed to work with a TEAM of coaches to carry out my mission.

I'm so driven to delivering simple solutions for moms who want to be a role model to the family.

Because when mom isn't happy. No one is happy.

When no one's happy. We don't live in happy homes.

And when we don't live in happy homes, we don't raise confident children.

And in order for us, as moms to be happy, it's vital that we place some focus back on ourselves and our health.

That's why I created the online program of Lisa P's Quick Fitness.

But now I want to offer more.

And I'm calling on MY village to help.

You'll see that recently we've added a new class section called Vinyasa with Sarah.

If you've done a workout with me, you know that my style is super upbeat, energizing, fun, and encouraging. My energy is a 10/10 with boot camp, weights, kickboxing, core, Tabata, and flow style yoga.

But Sarah's calming yoga workouts are the perfect mix to balance out your week or switch up your routine on the weekends.

Sunday yoga anyone?

Because I realize that not everyone lives their life on 10. And you don't have to.

You truly have the variety to match your workouts to your mood, and fill your cup in less than 20 minutes a day.

Stay tuned as we're adding more trainers and you will get to meet more of my village!

*For more information about how to purchase my Lisa P's Quick Fitness Online Program and Vinyasa with Sarah, click here.*


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