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The Three Things I Will Not Apologize For As a Mom

Posted May 2nd, 2016 in General, Wellness

The Three Things I Will Not Apologize For As a Mom

Moms. This is a tough and rewarding gig, all at the same time.

I swear my two and a half year old gets more adorable and fiercely independent everyday.

Some days he's dressed to the nines and and is completely adorable and easy going.

Other days if I can get in a few bites of breakfast and one shoe on, I'm calling that a success.

But no matter what, we live in a happy and healthy home.

In order to do that, I refuse to apologize for these three things:

1. I go to the grocery store in yoga pants, a hat, and usually I have racoon eyes.

A supervisor of mine at work once said to me,

"Oh honey, that's because you've given up."

Actually, its so incredibly convenient to go after a tough workout session outside on my way home from a hike.

My mood is right and my mind is right.

Being able to workout in natures playground helps me save money in order to provide healthy food to our family.

My time is super precious and I'm proud to put healthy food on the table instead of ordering take out.

2. I will intervene at the park if your kid pushes my kid.

Kids learn by example, and bullying is a serious growing concern. Everyone needs to learn boundaries, compassion, and kindness.

When you sit there and watch it all go down because your kid can do no wrong, trust me that's an illusion.

We all make mistakes. You better believe if my son pushes or hits anyone, we will use it as a teachable moment. 

Everyday is an opportunity to learn, whether you are pint sized or grown.

3. Working on the weekend.

Where did all of these labels come from?

Working mom, stay at home mom, crunchy mom, feminist mom, helicopter mom.

Who cares?

Are you providing love, support, and guidance consistently in your home?

Are your child's needs being met?

Are you showing up as your absolute best to your family?

Then who cares what someone labels you.

Choices are a beautiful thing.

I'm busting my tail right now with some incredible projects in business.

I'm excited to help moms overcome physical, emotional, and financial adversity to create the life they want.

As a working 9-5 mom AND an entrepreneur, sometimes I have to phone it in to my husband for part of a Saturday or Sunday in order to meet a deadline or have creative, quiet time to create.

Our son enjoys his 1:1 time with dad, golfing in the backyard (haven't broke a window yet), and I know that the occasional sacrifice now will pay off later.

I, in turn, enjoy our morning weekend routine, unplugged, sipping coffee, going to the park and being completely present.

Guilting myself for the occasional working session is completely counter productive.

I'm passionate about my family, but I'm also passionate about my work, and those two don't need to be mutually exclusive.

I want my son to say, "My mom changed the world."

Moms, ignore the judgement. You don't have to apologize. You don't have to people please.

Just be you!

*Stay tuned for some amazing things to come and in the meantime, ask me about my latest online challenge group. It's a place where moms support other moms as we get our $hit together in health.*


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