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How the F*#K Does She Look That Good? Why Perfection isn't a Reality

Posted May 11th, 2016 in General, Wellness

How the F*#K Does She Look That Good? Why Perfection isn't a Reality

A friend of mine gave me a crap load of Hello Canada Magazines recently.

As a hard working full time nurse, business owner, trainer, wife, and mom, sometimes I need mindless reading at night to turn off my brain.

But instead of winding down at night, paging though a gazillion images of celebrities on the red carpet made my mind race.

And to be honest, I got a little angry.

"HOW the F*#K do they look so good?"

"Didn't she just give BIRTH?"

"Didn't SHE have a baby- LIKE- a month ago?"

It made me think about PERCEPTION.

And perception made me think about PERFECTIONISM.

And perfectionism made me think about PESSIMISM.

And pessimism made me realize that by giving into it, we are killing our own PASSION and self- worth.

I knew I was headed down a slippery slope of self criticism, so I had to think it through.

These celebrities look in-FREAKING- credible, but that's their job. And kudos to them, they do it well!

They should be honoured and celebrated, but really, it's simply part of their work.

They have TEAM of trainers, nutritionists, stylists, nannies, and life coaches have helped them create that perfect look.

Even my photo shoot in which this picture was taken. I did the 21 Day Fix Extreme fitness and nutrition program the month before. I spent a whole afternoon shopping for my outfits, and I spent ONE WHOLE HOUR that morning getting my hair and makeup professionally done. I also worked with a crazy talented photographer.

Trust me, as much as I ADORE these pictures, this is not my day to day look.

Perfection is an illusion.

No one is perfect and the hopes that perfection will make people happy is misleading. 

People often say,

"I will be happier when I lose 15lbs. Then everything will be perfect."

The actual definition of perfection is being "free from all flaws or defects."

For products like your car, or your child's car seat, this is possible.

But for humans, this idea of perfection is unattainable.

Our flaws make us human. Our defects make us grow.

The sexiness that we see on the red carpet has nothing to do with outside appearance. It has nothing to do with covering up flaws, squeezing into spanks, expensive diamonds, designer dresses and killer heels.

The most successful red carpet looks are the women who are OWNING IT.

Why can't we be sexy now AND when we are 15lbs lighter? Why can't we be happy TODAY?

Confidence, sassy-ness, sex appeal, playfulness, happiness, grace.

Those traits are all a CHOICE.

Stop people pleasing, criticizing, and negotiating your own self worth.

When someone pays you a compliment say, "Thank you."

Don't instantly hit them with pessimism and try to defend why you don't deserve it.

Take the compliment and OWN IT.

The secret sauce is being passionate and proud.

Passionate by having a genuine love for ourselves.

Passionate by being genuinely excited and interested in others.

Passionate by giving yourself some grace.

Proud in how you are showing up day to day, regardless of the outcomes.

Ultimately, we don't need a higher power or approval. We don't even need a team.

Tap into your own INNER power and connection.

I know you've got it.. now go!

*For more information about my upcoming mindfulness challenge, in which we will be training our mental muscles, please contact me at lisa@quickfitness.ca. *


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