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Day 2 of 138: OUCH!

Posted Jul 12th, 2016 in General, Fitness, Wellness

Day 2 of 138: OUCH!

Day after leg day.

Do I need to say any more?


Those were the first thoughts that went into my head as my feet hit the ground running.

My Tuesday and Thursdays are absolutely crazy bananas.

Running is an understatement.

My schedule goes something like this:

7am Crazy toddler runs into our bedroom

7-8am must feed, dress, and take crazy toddler to daycare

8:15 Personally train a client in my home studio

9:00am Begin working as a Nurse

10:30 Teach Falls Prevention Classes to a large groups of Seniors at my place of employment

12:00 Lunch

1245 Drive to my education session with my day job as a nurse and teach nurses about pain management and assessments

1:45-4:30 Teach In-Service

5:15 Teach Fitness Classes at my home studio

6:00 Pick up crazy toddler from daycare

6:30 Feed hungry toddler and family

7-8:15 Bath and bedtime for tired toddler

8:15 Shower

8:30 Conference call for business with our team

9:30 Connect with my husband, read a few pages of a personal development book, and BED.

It was a challenge to figure today out.

My gym doesn't open until 7am.

So I got up at 5:30am (OUCH) and improvised in my home gym.

Thought I had until 7am, but crazy toddler decided to wake up at 6:35am (OUCH), so I had to cut my cardio short.

Decided to finish it on my lunch break. Had to then take a second shower of the day because I had to teach this afternoon (OUCH).

Had to pee a gazillion times today as I'm drinking 4L of water.. remember it's leg day (OUCH x a gazillion).

Had to take a third shower of the day after teaching my fitness classes. I can see the laundry piling.. OUCH!

But ultimately, you are in control of your day. You can make it all happen.

It just takes a little bit of planning..

...and a lot of going with the flow, staying positive, and being flexible.

Don't let the excuses of, "I don't have time" or

"It's not going exactly as planned so I might as well quit" hold you back.

You're better than that!

Day 2 of 138. DONE! #BetterBodyAfterBaby


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