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Day 3 of 138: Drop It Like a Squat

Posted Jul 13th, 2016

Day 3 of 138: Drop It Like a Squat

Leg day again? Yup.

With permission from my trainer, I had to switch it up!

I had a one hour break between work and teaching my fitness classes, so off to the gym I went.

Tomorrow is another crazy bananas day, so tomorrow it's conditioning at home.

Burpees- I will see you at 5:30am!

But today, it felt AMAZING to get my butt under a weighted bar!

I haven't done that since COLLEGE athletics.

It made me think about the drive I had back then. Somehow I lost that drive along the way.

Or maybe I truly just stopped placing the priority on myself.

Being a mom, wife, nurse, and trainer.. it's easy to do.

I'm a GIVER.

But taking this time back for me isn't selfish. It's making me stronger than I ever imagined.

My mood is different.

Normally I am a pretty happy lady. I'm blessed.

But there is something incredibly empowering about setting a goal and having that at the top of my mind each day.

I have a vision of myself on that stage, and that's what makes it easier to wake up early, eat a crap load of chicken breasts, and conquer the dreaded stepper.

Every time I squatted and lunged down with that bar, I had that vision.

And as I added more weight, I just kept telling myself,

"Just rise. Just get back up."

For now, I've got the workouts nailed.

Tonight, after my son goes to bed my husband and I are going to play around with the flexible dieting and meal plans.

One thing I loved about this coaching group is that they DON'T give you a meal plan until the very last month.

Similar to what I do with my coaching clients, they want YOU to learn how to eat right.

I have a set of macro and micro nutrients that I have to follow, but in terms of food, I have to figure it out!

Of course, I have my coach to bounce things off of, but tonight I'm taking a stab at different combinations and foods.

It's pretty exciting to know that in just 4 months, I will know how to eat right without starvation or crazy methods.

We have a few vacations coming up, and my coach said,

"If you want that glass of wine, have it! We will simply adjust in other areas."

UT OH- Does that mean 300 burpees the next day?

Guess I will find out!

But for now...Day 3 of 138 from average working mom to bikini competitor...DONE!



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