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My Day was DOOMED: Day 4

Posted Jul 14th, 2016 in General, Fitness, Wellness

My Day was DOOMED: Day 4

You ever have one of those mornings when you wake up and you say, "Well... I guess this is how it's going down today!"

There was a wicked storm last night, which caused the power to go out several times throughout the night.

Which in turn freakishly caused the smoke alarm to go off about every 2 hours.

Which naturally woke up our toddler...

And of course he had to come into our bed to sleep for the rest of the night.

I awoke at 6am to.. Mommy.. I peed the bed.

Yup. My elbow was conveniently in a little puddle, with a sweet innocent face starting at me, going on about 3 hours of sleep.

CRAP! (I will keep it PG rated today).

That's how my day started.

I busted my butt through training, teaching classes, and my workday.

So much for my 5:30am conditioning plan.

4pm hit and in my studio I went.

I looked at my training plan- Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Squat Jump- OK I could do this.

But then I saw box jumps, 25 for 4 sets. Kettle bell swings 25 for 4 sets... oh wait, what does that say..

Burpees over a barbell...right.. more jumping.

I teach HIIT classes and this by far was the hardest workout I've crammed into a 30 minute time period.

I had a conference call with a fellow coach at 4:30pm, and my clients were coming for a kickboxing class to my home studio at 5:10.

So not only did I have to get through it, I had to bust @$$ to get it done in time!

My client asked me, "How do you think you are going to do on the weekend? You won't want to drink wine and relax?"

Honestly, NO.

That workout SUCKED.

In a good way.

I'm staying on this plan!

Why work so hard all week only to mess it up on the weekend?

That's not how I roll.

It's not so much WILL POWER, but my WON'T POWER.

I won't self sabotage myself.

What in your life won't you settle for?

I've got my eye on the prize.

Day 4 of 138... DONE!



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