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Hold Up. I Have To Bring Sexy Back?! Day 6

Posted Jul 16th, 2016 in General, Nutrition

Hold Up. I Have To Bring Sexy Back?! Day 6

 Well, well, well, sexy... we're going to meet again.

I had my weekly check in with my coach today, and I have to say,

I am so incredibly excited to be working with Jodi, Matt, and their team at Lean Aesthetics.

It was supposed to be a 15 minute call, but Jodi went above and beyond to review my training notes, and EXPLAIN the SCIENCE behind everything we are doing.

Being a nurse educator, I am a TOTAL NERD, and I GEEK OUT learning about physiology and the human body.

SO. MANY. THINGS that she said made complete sense about my body type, my physiology as a child growing up, and my struggle with weight.

Even though I'm in the fitness industry and eat SUPER CLEAN with portions on point,

I couldn't understand WHY I kept holding fat in the areas of my body that I do.

It honestly made me give myself some credit, and stop beating myself up about the effort I put in before working with her.

I simply didn't know any better.

NOW I'm LEARNING how to eat for my body type... and I feel IN-FREAKING- CREDIBLE this week.

I don't want to share any details, because in this area, I am not the expert..but shameless plug for Jodi-- I've only been working with her for 6 days and I KNOW I'm going to get the rocking body, confidence.. and um.. sexiness that I need to rock out this bikini competition.

So back to sexy.

I wanted to ask the question early about what the judges look for in the competition.

I'm doing this more for the physical and mental transformation, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't HUGELY competitive.

Much like my DNA, and body type, I think that's a healthy trait that has gotten me to this point in my life.

I compete with MYSELF on a daily basis.

Jodi explained that a lot of bikini judging is personal preference and the average of the ladies you are competing with, but the judges look for these main areas:

1. Physique

2. Posing

3. Hair, Make- up, Tan

4. Suit

5. Confidence

6. Sexiness

In the areas of 1-5, I know I can do this.

Number 5... I will get there...

But the sexy...

When I was in my early 20's, I felt sexy.

But then came full time work, a house, responsibilities, marriage, a business, and then baby.

I got a little swept up in life.

And after having a baby, loose skin, stretch marks, cellulite, and fat in different areas of my body, especially my stomach, I didn't really know what to think of my body.

Being a mom has been the greatest gift and most incredible joy I could ever feel in my life.

Words can't even express it.

But after having a newborn attached to your boobs 24/7 and breastfeeding, you start to look at your girls more as milk machines than sexual objects.

At least I did anyway.

Even though we are long past that stage with my toddler, those feelings still linger.

So I can honestly say, that right this very day, I don't feel sexy.

I've always admired the confidence that women have, and I think sexy is all in the way you carry yourself.

Sexiness is so much more than you're um.. assets.

So maybe there is hope for me.

But indeed, this will be a journey.

But after this week, and especially the call from my coach, this is one journey that I'm so excited to be on!

My husband tells me that I get really sexy after a few glasses of wine.

Mostly because I carry myself differently, let loose, and enjoy life.

But I'm thinking that perhaps that particular strategy isn't really going to get me the best outcome on stage :)

If you are drinking some alcohol tonight ( I am not! :P), cheers to bringing sexy back!

Day 6 of 138... DONE!



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