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Day 8: Accept My Roles or Role Over and Play Dead

Posted Jul 18th, 2016 in General, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

Day 8: Accept My Roles or Role Over and Play Dead

Today was tough both physically and mentally.

Last night we had a family BBQ at my in-laws because a cousin was visiting from Alberta.

I was hoping there was a medal on my night stand table when I woke up this morning because I:

A. Brought my own homemade eggplant, turkey burger and cauliflower to dinner

B. Abstained from alcohol

C. Stayed polite with comments questioning why I didn't want to have a second baby, and that our son was "all my husband."

I wasn't quite sure how to respond to, " Well, I know you played a part and everything BUT.. he really is all Eric."

And "What's new? No baby.. oh."

There is much more to me than being a baby making machine.

Did I mention I abstained from alcohol?

Count that as a first in the books.

We didn't get home until 9pm and finally settled in until after 10:30pm.

This morning my butt was dragging, but I knew I had to hit the ground running.

7am Everyone fed, everyone dressed

8:30am Daycare drop off

9:30-11:30 Educate in Hamilton

11:30 Drive to Brantford

12- 2:45 Educate in Brantford

2:45 Listen to Personal Development call while driving home

3:30 Head Over to Gym

3:40-4:10 CURSE THE STAIR MASTER while I did it.

(New gym with a better monthly deal doesn't have a stepper).

4:10-5:00 LEG DAY

5:10 Wobble to my car and drive home

5:30 Teach a strength training class

6:00 Day Care Pick Up

6:30- 7 Entertain crazy toddler while hubby makes dinner

7:00 Eat

7:30 Bath Toddler, Shower for me, Bed time Routine With Oliver

8:15 Check in with online clients and group


Dishes piled in the sink, laundry to be folded, dishwasher to unload.


Mom, Wife, Nurse, Trainer, Online Coach...and HOME MAKER.

There are some days when I wish I could snap my fingers and the house duties would take care of itself, but alas... it's one of my roles in life.

I could choose to suck it up and just go, or waste time complaining about it and stay miserable.

Hubby and I just looked at each other, and it was the telepathic signal of 'I'll do laundry and you do dishes.. deal?"

And off we went.

In about 15 minutes we were done.

Today made me think a lot about energy.

And you're either a giver or a sucker.

All it would have taken was either myself or my husband to start complaining and it would have been a downhill slope of negativity.

But we chose to look at the challenge ahead, and jump in with two feet.

A packed busy schedule was HARD.

The Stair climber was HARD.

Leg day was HARD.

Housework staring at you in the face after a long day was HARD.

But in my opinion, being miserable and wasting time complaining makes life HARDER.

I started to think.

A packed busy schedule means: I'm doing good things and helping a lot of people in a day.

And finally MY NEEDS fit in there.

The Stair climber is my nemesis, but it's making me mentally stronger to get through 30 minutes of something I really, really, feel uncomfortable doing.

Leg day is secretly my favorite day. Well I guess it's not a secret anymore. But I can't wait to show off strong, lean, powerful legs on stage.

A kitchen full of dishes means we ate clean every meal at home in the past week.

(Like this zoodles with homemade turkey meatballs and sauce. It was DELICIOUS!)

Laundry means I worked out HARD and I let my son get dirty and make memories this weekend.

Place your energy into focusing on WHY you have the things in your life, not why they should hold you back.

I know I'm 19 weeks out from competition, but I've started a file on my folder for inspiration.

I'm adding in suits I like, jewellery, shoes, competitors and their poses, and daily quotes.

Everything takes HARD work, BUT

My dreams are worth it.

Day 8 of 168.. DONE!



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