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Posted Jul 19th, 2016


Who am I?

I had to think long and hard about that today.

One of the most amazing things about setting a goal and pushing your way though it, is the gift of self- discovery.

I had a look at competition shoes today, and I realized that I liked the clear plastic ones with BLING on them.

I've always loved bling. Even though I'm modest.

I LOVE big fancy earring.

I was blessed with a gorgeous wedding and engagement ring.

And if the bedazzler was still in style, you KNOW I'd be busting that thing out and going to town!

So.. I'm going to get shoes with bling.

Then came the discussion about hair extensions.

I asked my coach, who knows A LOT about how the judges think and score, if there was a difference between long hair and short hair.

Long hair scores better.

I bet it does! What woman doesn't want long, flowing, gorgeous hair.

But I think something that defines me is that I like my short to shoulder length hair.

I'm kinda calling the mom card here and shorter hair is so much easier to deal with.

At this time..I'm undecided on this one.

Part of me would LOVE to get extensions, just because I never had them, and maybe it could unleash a sexy alter ego.

This is FUN after all.

I'm going to let my hair grow and see how long it can get in 4 months, and go from there.

Although the competitive side of my wants to give myself every chance of placing,

My inside voice keeps saying, "JUST ROCK OUT.. YOU!"

And then I watched you tube videos on competitors walks and posing.

There was all styles being portrayed-- miss sassy, miss sexy, miss shy, miss confident.

I think I'm..

Strong and confident.

I have never really acted girly or prissy. Not that they were or had to be.

I guess I've just never been delicate in my personality.

I'm not throwing out any labels here, but you get what I'm saying!

I've had to fight and power my way though many things in my life, and strength is just a part of who I am.

So I'm going to walk out confident, head held high, look the judges in the eye and give them my best asset.

My smile.

I've always had a big smile.

And I'm proud of that.

In doing my research today, I learned that I don't want to mimic anyone else.

I just want to be the best version of me.

Day 9 of 168.. Workout and hit my macros.. DONE!



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