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The ONE Thing I Have NO Regret For Today

Posted Jul 20th, 2016

The ONE Thing I Have NO Regret For Today

Today I lost it.

My temper, that is.

My husband and I are collaborating on a product together for my brand, and we had a bit of a miscommunication.

What I thought I communicated, came out nothing like what I expected to see.

It was really no fault of anyone, but in my--

I'm short on time- why isn't this right-what the hell- mentality,

I got ticked.

I had to think of the root of of why I was so mad.

Was it that I was a bit stressed as it was a very busy day?

Is it because I've changed my nutrition plan and I'm eating WAY less sugar and carbs?

Should I have gotten to sleep earlier last night.. am I tired?


It was the feeling that this project wasn't matched with the same HEART and SOUL that I put into it.

And maybe that's not possible.

Perhaps NO ONE, will fight for your dreams and your plans that way you do.

But I KNOW one of my TRIGGERS is the lack of hustle and heart.

I'm a 0-100, Go ALL IN, kind of person.

That was a big reason why I picked my coach, Jodi.

I could see that she LIVED her mission.

She was HUNGRY to help her ladies succeed.

I wanted to be coached and work with someone who had the same work ethic as me.

And Jodi is definitely living up to that!

Now that doesn't mean that I'm going to continue to be mad at my husband and his team,

Anger serves no one.

I just have to do a better job of communicating the VISION of what I was trying to create to help others on their journey into confidence.

I'm extremely thankful for my husband and his design team. They are incredible, talented people.

And well.. I lost my temper.

I'm human. I'm learning.

But a few other amazing things that I LOST over the course of the past 10 days are:

~ 2 inches in my waist

~ 4lbs

~ The thought that I can't be sexy.

I put this song on today and practiced my WALK and posing.

I could have been completely wrong in all that I was doing, but I was focusing more on OWNING my ATTITUDE.

That's one thing I have no regret for.

That's one thing I take full responsibility for.

I'm a passionate, hard working, hustling mamma!

Day 10 of 168.. DONE!

#Bikinicompetitor #BetterBodyAfterBaby

* I'm just an average mom on her journey to take the stage as a bikini competitor.*


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