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Day 13: I Will Work (OUT) for Wine!

Posted Jul 23rd, 2016 in General, Nutrition, Wellness

Day 13: I Will Work (OUT) for Wine!

Our son LOVES the movie Zootopia.

He actually calls it "Ooopia Topia"

And we've watched it about 10 times already.

When my crazy busy toddler who doesn't sit still wants to sit down, cuddle, and watch it, we don't argue.

If you've ever seen the movie, you know the big goofy smile the sloth makes after he hears the joke.

If you haven't seen it, you tube it. It's awesome.

But I couldn't help by feel like the sloth in this scene after I got off the call with my coach.

I had that same large smile when she said to me, "On Friday (next week), eat light, but then you get an off night for dinner. Enjoy. Drink the wine. Eat a higher carb meal."

YUP. That was my face.

Next week, we are headed to Nashville for the Beachbody Conference, and many things will be out of my control.

I won't have access to a hotel gym until next Sunday as we are staying in a rented house.

I can't bring any food into the venue.

We have packed days of back to back learning in that venue.

We will be having multiple team dinners out.

On Friday night, I EARNED a special Diamond Celebration and Wine at a winery in downtown Nashville.

I worked my butt off for that rank.

Which really just means I helped A LOT of people succeed in their health and fitness goals, and I've stepped up as a leader and mentor in the business.

And I'm not going to lie, I would feel like I'm depriving myself of this experience if I couldn't sip and mingle.

Total honesty- I would be resentful of this goal.

Do you know how much I LOVE red wine?

Haven't touched it in 13 days.

So I'm saving it for this event.

The entire week is actually going to be all about that term "flexible dieting."

I will still be trying to hit all of my macros and eat clean, but my coach was able to adjust the numbers and workouts for each individual day next week so that I could enjoy.

She took the time to explain the science of what we were trying to achieve with my body and how we could make it work.


I will gladly cut my carbs a bit the days before to drink wine.

I did my core workout today and a 6K run, and I have to say that my stomach is definitely getting tighter.

As much as I LOVE wine, I know it isn't good for my stomach.

That's just where my body fat is carried.

And after having a baby, and a C-section, it's been extremely hard to tone that area.

I want to get lean for this competition, but I also want this to be a lifestyle.

Being too restrictive and missing out on an experience isn't what life is all about.

That's why I can't say enough how thankful and important it is to WORK with a COACH.

But not any coach, a coach who understands the science, but more importantly... balance.

Day 13 of 168.... DONE

Stay tuned next week to see how I make it work!




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