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Day 14: Let's GO KETO!

Posted Jul 24th, 2016 in General, Nutrition, Wellness

Day 14: Let's GO KETO!

Clearly I'm losing my mind.

When I stepped on the scale this morning and it said one more pound down, I thought I was losing my vision.

But nope, it was right. :)

This lower carb kind of eating is really working out.

But next week, I'm going seriously LOW on carbs.

Now I know-- before everyone says- that's not realistic, you will run your body, why would you do this..

Let me explain.

I'm doing this for a WEEK.

That's it.

I think of it almost as a cleanse.

The simplest way to describe it, is that my body will be in major Fat Burning Mode.

I've heard of some people doing this for a LONG TIME and that's where the problems occur.

No nutrition plan should completely cut out any food group.

But a cleanse ( I think of it this way) to make my body burn fat more efficiently, I'm in.

And on Friday- I get my carb-loving, wine drinking meal right when my body will want it the most.

Dear Fat- Be prepared to die next week.

I will be eating lots of protein- chicken, eggs, steak, shrimp, salmon

And lots of healthy fats- olive oil, nuts, avocado

And lots of salads.

Even my shakeology was a GO!

Thank goodness for that bad boy.

Fiber, protein, carbs, fruits, veggies, pre and probiotics... the list goes on that's in it!

That will make sure my energy says up and I can tackle the long days that the Beachbody conference will bring.

And for my workouts: RUN!

What an amazing way to check out downtown Nashville.

I'm staying positive and going to do my very best.

Let's go KETO!

Anyone else ever try this? Comment below!

Day 14 of 168... DONE

45 Minutes on the stepper and a back workout!




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