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Day 15: Stop Me If I Don't Make Sense!

Posted Jul 25th, 2016 in Nutrition, Wellness

Day 15: Stop Me If I Don't Make Sense!

This keto thing is pretty funky.

I started my day with a little BURST of energy.

Then I trained a client and had to do a 60 minute cardio session.

Being so low on carbs, it was a little tough to get through, but I did it.

In some of my reading it said that mental fogginess and irritability would be normal, and that was TOTALLY me today.

It's kinda hard to describe, but I felt like I was a second behind time.

I was also a bit irritable because of the time of month (ladies, if you know what I'm saying) so who knows if that's truly from the eating plan or not.

But one thing I did love about today was:

~ I ate a ton of food that I love: Eggs, Chicken Breast, Bacon, Smoked Salmon

~ I still got to drink Shakeology.

~ I tried out this new homemade salsa that Eric made from our garden's jalapenos and tomatoes as my side dishes and it paired well with my protein.

~ I feel slimmer.. already.

~ I survived leg day..I didn't DIE!

I could be losing it and not making any sense.. but that's how I feel.

Just a quick update for today.

I'm very curious to see what the scale will say tomorrow..

Here's to hoping that my day of high fat, high protein eating did me good!

Day 15 of 168... DONE!


# BikiniCompetitor


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  • April on Jul 25th, 2016
    Good work fit momma! Love your spirit!

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