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You Won't Believe What I Ate Today.. and I'm Still Losing Weight

Posted Jul 27th, 2016 in Nutrition

You Won't Believe What I Ate Today.. and I'm Still Losing Weight

SO what the heck are those macro things anyway?

I've been getting that question a lot lately.

And I have to be honest.. I'm not a pro.

But I've come to the conclusion that it's basically tracking your food for what it is:

Protein, Carbs, Fat

And eating them in a ratio that YOUR BODY agrees with.

Those are your macro nutrients.

My coach has me on a lower carb diet.

Being obese as a kid, and having a baby has wreaked havoc on my fat cells and estrogen.

Which I have a lot of.

My abundant estrogen basically gets stored in those larger fat cells that I developed as a kid.

Those cells were already formed, so without liposuction, I can't get rid of them (And I'm not doing that.)

But the good news is, I can shrink them!

So by eating higher protein, lower carb, higher fat...

I'm taking the bug zapper to my mosquito like fat cells.

This week though has been a total CHANGE in my nutrition plan, but it's been for a good reason.

We're on a business trip/vacation and I want to have some wine.

Balance and honesty, right?

We also will be eating out a lot and it's near impossible to get clean carbs (not drenched in butter).

So my macros for this week look like:

Fat 65 grams a day, Protein 150 grams a day, and 25 grams of carbs.

25 grams of carbs is NOT A LOT.

But it has really made me realize how many carbs are in my day to day food.

That sugar that I put in my coffee.. yeah. 4 grams.

That little bit of ginger ale that I drank on the plane because we went through AWFUL turbulence..10 grams.

Even my shakeology (which I drank half of) 10 grams...eek.

And those complimentary pretzels...10 grams in a handful.. no thanks!

My numbers weren't perfect today.

I was a bit low on protein and just a few grams over on carbs, but for being in an airport and on a plane most of the day, I will take it as success!

Here's what I ate:

 3 Eggs, 4oz Chicken Breast, and 2 Tbsp of Homemade salsa for breakfast.

1/2 of a Shakeology shake for a snack (only because I was being mindful of the carbs this week).

Cobb salad with eggs, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, asparagus, avocado, blue cheese, and chicken for lunch

6oz of salmon sashimi and 3 oz of Ahi Tuna and seaweed for dinner

And it was all DELICIOUS!


I also crushed a 30 min Tabata and arm workout this morning!

Day 17 of 168.. not perfect, but amazing... DONE!

#BetterBodyAfterBaby #BikiniCompetitor


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