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I'm Breaking Up with Carbs

Posted Jul 31st, 2016 in Nutrition

I'm Breaking Up with Carbs

Dear Carbs,

It's kinda time that we break up.

I never realized how foggy headed, sluggish, and TIRED you make me.

Wine, Grapes, Banana, Quinoa, Edamame..

Some healthy, some not, but either way, I'm better off without you.

You see, when I eat eggs, chicken breast, turkey, salads and vegetables, I feel amazing.

They give me energy, trim my waist line, and we're just a better fit.

I'm sure there are many other carb loving people out there that will gladly love you back,

But for me, I want to feel better.

And I can't cheat.

It's just not my style.

It really isn't you, it's me.

I finally finished my Insanity Max 30 Program today, and I have to hit the weight room tomorrow...so...

I can't afford a slip up.

Even though I was confronted with grits, fried chicken, and bread at every place in Nashville,

I think it's time to say goodbye.

Your spikes in my blood sugar are no longer needed.

I've got a stable strong base now.

And I love myself enough to eat right!

Day 21 of 168... DONE!

#BetterBodyAfterBaby #BikiniCompetitor

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  • April on Aug 1st, 2016
    Congratulations on finishing the Max30 workout!! I don't know what's harder, the program or saying bye bye to those carbs! Keep on truckin' Lisa!!

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