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How I Survived 60 Minutes on the Stepper and Didn't Eat my Son's Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Posted Aug 13th, 2016 in Nutrition, Wellness

How I Survived 60 Minutes on the Stepper and Didn't Eat my Son's Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Today was THE DAY.

The longest cardio I've ever had to do to date.

I was able to have a good chat with my coach about finding a way to fit in all of my workouts, plus manage all of my crazy roles in my life.

When you're mom, wife, online coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, falls prevention trainer to seniors, and nurse educator, time is tight.

Next week will look a bit different.

But today was a beast.

Abs and 60 minutes on the stepper.

I went to punch in 60 minutes on the stepper and it capped me at 45 minutes as the highest it would go.

That should have been my first clue that I was in trouble.

But as a good student, hard worker and a woman with a vision, I came prepared to kick this workouts butt.

I decided when I first started this plan that I was going to attack every workout whether I liked it or not.

Have I told you before how much I really don't like the stepper?

I knew it wasn't going to be my body that wanted to quit.

My body is strong.

It would be my mind.

So instead of a playlist of my favorite tunes, I came prepared with a Brendon Burchard podcast, and two of his short videos on how to be the world's greatest speaker.

I knew I needed to fuel my mind while I was working my body.

Almost all of life's challenges take a mental willpower to get through.

Want to sleep in and not get up to workout? Mental willpower to get up.

Want to walk past the doughnuts at work when you are starving? Mental willpower to say no.

Want to say NO to that second glass, or whole bottle of wine when dining out with friends? Mental willpower to stay on YOUR path.

Want to flip someone the finger, but smile kindly and walk away? Mental willpower to take the high road.

Want to not eat your child's leftover grilled cheese sandwich as you sit there and eat your fish, avocado and salad? Mental willpower and yesterday's true story.

But that only gets stronger when you feed your mind with the right fuel.

You can only tackle life's challenges when your mind has been exercised and trained to succeed.

So I urge you,

Stop watching reality TV

Turn off the news

Step away from the Kardashians

Fuel your mind with content that will make you stronger.

I also got in a 30 minute Country Heat workout and worked up a good sweat.

As an online coach I always do the same program as my clients.

When I say I walk the walk, I walk the walk with them.

With some I run. With some I crawl. But everyone needs support.

I also hit my macros almost perfectly today. I'm still trying to eat different things everyday, but still stay clean and within my numbers.

I know how important it is to nail the nutrition, so I'd rather try different food combos at 15 weeks out.

Everything is do is lifestyle and I plan to continue this way of eating long after my bikini competition.


Because my body and mind are happy.

Day 34 of 168... DONE!

#BetterBodyAfterBaby #BikiniCompetition #TakeThatStepper #NoGrilledCheeseJustNo


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