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Honesty and Asking For What You Want.. Oh and WINE!

Posted Aug 19th, 2016

Honesty and Asking For What You Want.. Oh and WINE!

It's takes a strong woman to stand up for herself.

A strong woman, to voice her opinions in a loving way.

A strong woman to go after what it is she really wants.

But sometimes it's not some big, huge THING that we have to communicate or want.

A lot of times the most important things we need in life happen in the day to day.

We need our spouse to be more understanding.

We need our kids to put their shoes on or eat their dinner.

We need more time to complete a project because shit hit the fan this week.

In my case, I've needed to be completely honest with my coach in regards to my whole training plan.

One of the reasons why I picked Jodi as my coach was because I knew she understood balance.

I work a full time job as a Nurse Educator.

I own a business as a Fitness Trainer and Online Coach.

I volunteer to teach Seniors about Fitness and Falls Prevention.

I have a toddler, and a husband, and pets, and a house.

And we LOVE to travel.

Therefore I was very honest about my time allocation for training, and the need for flexible dieting because I didn't want this to be a passing fad, but a lifestyle that I continue.

All the while though, I wanted her to know that I am 100% committed.

Hard work and passion are just part of my DNA!

I also want to be a strong, confident role model to my son.

And that takes work.

I've been going HARD for 5 weeks, and my results have been amazing so far!

But this coming week we are headed to a cottage up north for a family vacation.

I told Jodi, "I would love to drink some wine or have a beer or two- nothing excessive- but can we make that happen?"

I have been SO DILIGENT about tracking ALL of my food intake.

From condiments, to dressings, to the wine when we were in Nashville,

To the two tiny chocolate mint wafers my seniors clients daughter was LEGITIMATELY upset when I declined, so I obliged yesterday,

To the ginger ale I had on the plane right when we hit turbulence last month.


How can you have someone help you, when you aren't being honest about where you are at in life and what exactly you are doing in the day to day?

So I wanted to be honest and let my coach know what I needed for this week.

For some competitors, they will have absolutely NO alcohol, and when I'm 12 weeks out from competition, I plan to do the same,

But for now, I want this journey to be fun and honest.

I used to drink a glass of wine or beer almost EVERY NIGHT in the summers past.

I'm no alcoholic, although some nights I think my toddler might drive me to be :)

So, I'm giving myself some credit for how far I've come!

I'm 39 days in and I've had alcohol on 2 occasions.

I don't plan on going on a whole week of a bender, but one night, let's do this!

Day 39 of 168 on this bikini body competitor journey.. DONE!

Macros in check, progress report sent to my coach, leg workout completed!

Now bring on that VACATION!


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