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24/7 Online Sessions

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FREE Training!

Lisa has over 10 years experience in the health & fitness industry & shares her message to just get moving!

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Personal Training

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Honesty and Asking For What You Want.. Oh and WINE!

Honesty and Asking For What You Want.. Oh and WINE!

Posted Aug 19th, 2016

I wanted this journey to be about balance, fun, and honesty. How can someone help you if you aren't transparent about what you want and need? I'm no alcoholic, although my toddler may some nights drive me to be, but here's my thoughts about training and vacation.

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Why I'm a HANGRY Chef

Why I'm a HANGRY Chef

Posted Aug 16th, 2016 in Nutrition

This low carb recipe for a Greek Pasta Salad using Zoodles is delicious!

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