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How to Rescue My Tummy - Webinar

Featuring Lisa Pezik, ACE Certified Trainer in Fitness and Nutrition, Online Health Coach, A Busy Mom, and Owner of Lisa P’s Quick Fitness and Christie Ellinger, Second Wind® Pilates Plus® Mat and Reformer Instructor, Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)® Practitioner, Second Wind® Teacher Trainer, and owner of Dynamic Body Health and Fitness

The goals of this one-hour interactive webinar are to blast myths around toning your tummy such as:

A. Keeping the abdominals sucked in at all times will tone our midsection.

B. Isolated abdominal exercises are the best wait to train the core.

C. Drinking a ton of water is the only way to banish bloat.

D. Are gut and our mind aren’t connected.

And to empower you with instant strategies to tone your tummy with;

A. Proper alignment

B. Physiology

C. Movement

D. Nutrition

E. Attitude

Cost $19.97 (You will receive a playback link to the webinar)



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