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What program is best for you?

Lisa P’s Quick Fitness Program offers the best online and personal training sessions to help you lose belly fat, feel sexy, and gain energy, even if you are a busy mom!

Lisa’s careful attention to detail, passion for teaching, and ability to encourage you reach your goals will leave you looking forward to the best minutes of your day together.

Online Experience

  • Part of an online support community and monthly online challenges.
  • Once a month LIVE Q and A session with Lisa P.
  • Inspiring videos and emails from Lisa P. to help keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Flexibility with workout schedule.
  • Available 24/7 Accessible from a computer, smart phone, or tablet with internet access.
  • No need to stress about self-image: It’s just you and Lisa P!

Private Experience

    • 15 minute conversation discussing short-term and long-term goals in relation to overall health.
    • Private training in studio or live online at a mutually acceptable time between you and Lisa P.
    • On the spot motivation, encouragement, and accountability.
    • A wide range of fitness equipment including strength bands, kettle bells, SelecTech Weights, stability and medicine balls, yoga blocks, and much more in studio.
    • A candlelit ambiance for yoga in studio.
    • Outdoor experience with weather permitting.

    YES! I want more energy and confidence!

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