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In Studio Group Fitness Training

Located in Ancaster, The Quick Fitness Studio offers a variety of training and fitness equipment to help you lose weight and gain muscle.

While working out with Lisa in her studio, she provides you with careful attention to detail and encourages you to reach your goals that leaves you looking forward to the best minutes of your day together.

  • In the short time I have known Lisa, I have noticed a big difference in my endurance, muscle tone, and confidence in my fitness abilities. My husband Mark and I love that we get to spend each week night with the friendly community of people that make up Lisa P.’s Quick Fitness!
    - Marnie, Age 32

In Studio Experience

  • One-on-one attention with every workout class. (Value of $900)
  • Review of weekly food log (Value of $200)
  • Daily face-to-face encouragement and motivation.
  • Ability to ask on the spot questions about nutrition, fitness, and life goals.
  • The experience of a group atmosphere and a sense of community and support.
  • A wide range of fitness equipment including strength bands, kettle bells, SelecTech Weights, stability and medicine balls, yoga blocks, Lebert Equalizers, and much more!
  • A candlelit ambiance for yoga.
  • Outdoor experience with weather permitting.


4 weeks | $200

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